Terminals and Gates

June 2022

   Much of our business in the commercial aviation industry has to do with our constant use of airports, their facilities, and their installations. Let us imagine that the world we live in is a gigantic airport terminal with crowds, billions of people living their lives as best they can as they approach the time to leave this earth. Most do not think about it and seem to live as if they will live forever, sometimes becoming careless. However, deep down everyone knows that it is only a matter of time before a disease, a pandemic, a war, or an accident puts an end to their existence. Living amid a world so full of options and alternatives, one might ask these questions:  “Which path is true?” and “If there is such a path, can one choose and follow it with absolute confidence?”

Affirmation from Our Shepherd

   Jesus found Himself in a similar context. As he was going through the cities, villages, and countryside of Ancient Judea, the Bible says that He, “saw the crowds…(and He) had compassion on them, because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” (Matthew 9:36).  In another part of Scripture, while addressing His disciples Jesus affirms, “…I tell you the truth, I am the door of the sheep” (John 10:7). He later explains the purpose of that statement and adds, “I am the door; he who enters by me will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture” (John 10:9). The truth is simple. It is through Christ that every human being can find salvation, purpose, and rest for his burdened soul. He is undoubtedly the true Way and the One in whom we can place all our trust.

Finding the Right Path

   A few years ago my family and I were visiting a friend in Tampa, Florida. It was time to return to Bogota, our home city in Colombia, and we traveled to the airport early, which would put us there three to four hours before the flight. However, upon traveling via the I-75 highway, halfway between Naples and the Miami area, we found that traffic was at a complete standstill. There had been a car accident! As the minutes ticked by and no vehicles were allowed to pass, we began to pray.

Finally, the way was cleared and we continued, first to return the rented vehicle at the Miami Airport and then to check in less than an hour before departure. The airline employees received our checked luggage, and we hurried as best we could to get through TSA screening and then to the gate. Our fear was that we would not make it before they closed the gate. We finally found the gate, presented our boarding passes, and ran to our plane. We were the last to board and the door closed behind us! I did not look at the faces of the other passengers as we located our seats because I was too embarrassed. As we sat down and buckled our seatbelts, we experienced an incomparable relief. What joy we felt to know we had not missed our flight!

This leads me to conclude that the important thing is not the terminal and the waiting rooms, no matter how modern and well-equipped they may be. All of us in this immense terminal we call earth are waiting for our turn to leave. However, many are more concerned about how to make a profit and even how to build things in the terminal without understanding that when it is their turn to leave, they will not be able to take anything with them. The important thing is not to miss the narrow gate despite its difficult path (Mathew 7:14). What a joy will echo in our hearts when we find ourselves seated, saved, and redeemed with our beloved Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!!!  DS

“For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”
Matthew 7:14  ESV

This article was written by Diego Suarez.  Diego currently is a pilot for Easyfly, a domestic Colombian airline. He also serves on our FCAP Board of Directors and has facilitated FCAP Workplace Seminars held in Latin America.