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How Can I Know God?


The greatest question that any person can entertain is… How can I know God? Though the question assumes there is a God, the existence of God is more than an assumption. The imprint of His character is found throughout the universe He created as well as in all humans who bear His image. If you want to know who you are, the best place to start is by learning about your Creator. 

God said that because humans rejected Him their condition is described as lost in a way in which they cannot help themselves. This problem does not stem from the environment around them, but the condition within them. The Bible uses the word “sin” to describe this. It literally means “to miss the mark.” When we reject God, the source of life, it ultimately leads to death and separation from God.

The only solution that will cure this problem is found in God and His work, and not through any amount of human achievement. Because of our condition in sin, we need God to forgive us of our sins and to receive new life from Him. The way in which God provided this was by sending Jesus Christ, God the Son. He became a human and lived a perfect life, but identifies with our human weaknesses and our needy condition. Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was God’s way of justly taking on Himself the punishment for our sins, which we deserved. His offering us forgiveness and new life can only be received as a gift by faith. God’s salvation cannot be achieved by what we can do or what we give up for God… it purely comes as a gift we receive from God through Jesus’ finished work on the cross and His resurrection.

So, how can you know God?   It is a relationship that starts by you humbly acknowledging your need of Him, and putting your complete trust in His saving work to change you. Ask God now… “Lord, I now understand my pitiful condition, but also realize that change can come through you. I humbly ask you to save me and trust you to do so.  Thank you for your kindness and bountiful blessing of salvation.