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Spiritual Warfare Webinar Series - Part 2 "The Belt of Truth"

05/25/2023 5:00 pm

If you missed the intro to this series of FCAP Webinars on the topic of “Spiritual Warfare,” you will have opportunity in coming months to continue this journey with us.  We plan to present Part 2 – “The Belt of Truth” on May 25 at 5pm EDT (2100z).  Every other month for the remainder of this year we will continue the series with Parts 3, 4, and 5.  Don’t miss it!  Watch for more details as to specific dates and times on the home page of our web site.  Information also will be sent to those who receive email notifications of upcoming events.  If you do not currently receive those notifications and would like to do so, please contact us.

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Our ministry offers many enlightening and encouraging events.  Online events range from weekly prayer and fellowship meetings to topical seminars about everything from seeking true humility to engaging in spiritual warfare.  We also offer training on how to live for Christ and share Him with others in the workplace.    Since the early 1970’s, FCAP has been offering retreats and get-aways, such as the Ski Adventure in the Austrian Alps, with other events currently being planned for the future.  Check out our upcoming events section today for information about what FCAP has for you, both physically and “virtually.”

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