We represent Christ in the airlines/aviation industry through
meaningful relationships and quality work worldwide.
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THE FCAP VISION To see Christians connect in every area
of the airline/aviation workplace throughout the world;
to display God’s glory and to be
His influence while on the job.
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Recently, dear ones of mine became really ill with Covid. I asked them if there was anything I can do for them,  meaning if they needed any food or groceries. But they both replied, “Just continue to keep us in prayer.” Their faith in prayer reminded me of the power of prayer! “Praying unlocks the doors of Heaven and releases the power of God.” – Billy Graham.  In James 4:2 we’re reminded, “You do not have because you do not […]


God-Ordained Work    In earlier years I wrestled as to whether my choice to be a pilot was selfish.  Could aviation be used for God’s glory or was this an act of selfish ambition?  I had the idea that being part of a mission/bush pilot organization was more spiritual or holy than other flying jobs. Several years after being hired as a First Officer at AirMidwest Airlines, I stepped off the Beech 1900D to deplane customers at Reading, PA.  it […]

2022 EAA Airventure in Oshkosh

Our Journey to Oshkosh For many years it has been our desire to see FCAP  officially represented at the annual EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.   This year it finally happened through our affiliation with  IAMA (International Association of Missionary Aviation).  They invited us to join them in their tent with 13 other Christian aviation non-profits (there are 62 members total in IAMA).   A number of obstacles had to be overcome, but our awesome team from FCAP made it there for […]

Meet Nancy!

In 1972, while working as a Delta flight attendant, I was walking through the Atlanta terminal to my flight when I ran into my roommate from initial training. To my surprise I found myself skipping the small talk and when asked how I was doing, I quickly responded with, “Something’s missing in my life and I don’t know what it is, pray for me!” I was embarrassed that I voiced that since at the time I didn’t believe in prayer. […]

To God Be the Glory

Annual Report – 2021

  In 2021, the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel (FCAP) was still navigating through the effects of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. But as 2020 and 2021 were years of great upheaval within the church overall, FCAP has adapted to new and innovative ways of reaching its people. 1.  Our two-fold purpose in FCAP remains unchanged: To encourage Christians to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, enjoying His presence and possessing His power to be salt and light on the job God has […]

Featured Volunteer

    These are just a few words describing our featured FCAP volunteer for the month of June, Tom Johnson.  Here is what Tom shares about his life and involvement with FCAP: “In my grade school and high school years in Akron, Ohio, Annabel, a Sunday School leader, and John, a leader of Altar Boys, were among the church adults who were (and this was important) especially encouraging and kind.  They were among the factors that kept me in church in my […]


Terminals and Gates June 2022    Much of our business in the commercial aviation industry has to do with our constant use of airports, their facilities, and their installations. Let us imagine that the world we live in is a gigantic airport terminal with crowds, billions of people living their lives as best they can as they approach the time to leave this earth. Most do not think about it and seem to live as if they will live forever, sometimes becoming […]