Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel



The ministry of FCAP began in the 1971 and incorporated in 1973 when 50 people from eight different airlines in the United States and Canada met to consider how God wanted them to serve Christ in and through the airline/aviation industry. Since that time, the ministry of FCAP has spread in over 90 areas worldwide!

FCAP is a connection among Christians within the airline/aviation industry around the world, who share a common commitment to Christ and teachings found in the bible, and who focus on how this relates directly to our work and workplace; FCAP does not have a membership or dues.


To encourage Christians to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, enjoying His presence and possessing His power to be “salt and light” on the job God has given them in the airlines and, to encourage the Christian airline employee to help carry out the Great Commission, introducing fellow employees to Jesus Christ and helping them grow toward spiritual maturity. 


We represent Christ in the airlines/aviation industry through meaningful relationships and quality work worldwide


To see Christians connect in every area of the airline/aviation workplace throughout the world; to display God’s glory and to be His influence while on the job.

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