Greetings FCAP Family and Friends,

We have a great promise from our Lord that He will lead us throughout life’s journey (Psalm 23). Looking back, we often see how God turned our lives in certain directions, and as time goes on we see more clearly why. I can say this about my time in FCAP… the turns my life took years ago, eventually led me to accept the position of General Director of FCAP in 1992. The last 30 years have been an enriching and beautiful journey to say the least. So many wonderful friendships were made from different countries and cultures around the world. Because of it I appreciate much more how God creates His family and forms unity through diverse people. Also, so many wonderful stories were written by the hand of God through our fellowship together at conventions, events, local meetings, trainings, etc. Also, the amazing way the Lord led me to accept the invitation to attend the FCAP Austrian Ski Adventure in 1994… It was there, at Tauernhof, I met one of the staff named Claudette Allen. The rest is history… she became my wife in October 1995 and together we continued in this ministry. Incredibly thankful for all!

Now there is another turn approaching in our journey. I saw it coming and sought the Lord as to who and when. One morning in March 2020 I was awakened early, and the message, though not audible, was clear from the Lord… “Look for a person within FCAP.”  I had already had numerous conversations and interviews with potential people along the way. I started working closely with a few people in FCAP, and in time it became more obvious that one of the young men stood out to me. I observed him in more detail, how he exercised his gifts, abilities, dealt with problems, and how he handled people and communicated with them. His passion for the Lord and for FCAP were obvious to me. He had no idea about my thoughts, but finally in June of 2021 I approached him asking if he would be willing to serve as the next FCAP General Director. He indicated he was humbled by this, and said he would be willing to pray about it. He came back to me and affirmed his willingness to serve in this… his name is Jake Joseph. Jake is married to Joana and they have a delightful daughter (age 4) named Jenna. He is a pilot with United Airlines. Because the FCAP Board is solely responsible for appointing/hiring the General Director, they spent time talking with Jake and with his wife Joana about Jake’s readiness to serve… both of them were in agreement. Then at our last International Board meeting on December 8, and after a few months of praying, the Board felt it was time to vote on the matter, and they voted in favor of Jake becoming the next FCAP General Director.

Thirty years ago the FCAP founder, Joe Ivey, and the Board of Directors handed the directorship of FCAP over to me. It is now an honor for me, on behalf of the Board, to hand over the directorship to Jake Joseph… our new General Director starting April 1, 2022.  I believe he will serve the Lord and FCAP well. And as for me… I am not retiring per se, though I am cutting back. It was agreed upon that I would stay on and work 1 to 2 days a week, to assist and support Jake, as well as work on special projects.

For His Glory,

Paul Curtas



Don’t remember these earlier events; don’t recall these former events. Look, I am about to do something new. Now it begins to happen! Do you not recognize it? Yes, I will make a road in the desert and paths in the wilderness.
Isaiah 43:18-19