Meet LeeAnn Hurrle-Nelson!

My journey with the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel began in 1985, and it continues to be a tremendous blessing to this day.

In November of that year, I was in training in Atlanta, Georgia to become a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines.  Two flight attendants came to our training class to introduce us to a Christian ministry called FCAP.  They invited us to a dinner at the home of Minnie V Baker, who lived close to the airport.  It was there that my world as a believer began.

Within four months I was invited to an FCAP International Convention at Mount Hermon in California.  Several people had been praying for me and arranged it so that I could join this event even for just one day and night.  While there, Minnie V invited me to the chapel.  She asked me, “Would you like to receive Jesus into your heart?”  I replied “Yes” and then quickly got onto a bus to get to the San Jose airport to report to flight reserve duty in Dallas, my base at the time.  My first roommate, Lisa, was very instrumental in nurturing my baby steps, and Lisa is still an important encourager in my faith.

From then on, I attended all the FCAP Conventions and met many Christians from different airlines all around the world.  I was inspired to work heartily as unto my Lord and Savior.  I would walk down the aisle as a flight attendant believing “Jesus on the inside working on the outside.”  I always tried to reflect God’s light and joy in the workplace.

Being single, I transferred to Cincinnati, Salt Lake City and Boston and was part of beginning and maintaining FCAP Fellowships in these bases.  I grew in my faith as I joined Bible studies and fellowships that were in my base and around the world.  I always carried a TRIM TAB newsletter (now called IN THE JETSTREAM) in my carry-on luggage.  As I traveled in cities around the globe, I would have the names of other FCAP Christians with whom I knew I could connect while on layovers or vacations.  I had a network of new friends everywhere I traveled.  What a blessing!



My world evolving around FCAP became my Friends, Family, Fellowship and Flourishing Faith!  FCAP has broadened my world and has connected me with people that have become my valuable encouragers!  I am especially grateful for Paul, Cathy, Edward, Marlene, and Kathleen for nurturing me in my faith.

I retired as a flight attendant with Delta in August of 2020, due to the pandemic and the retirement package Delta offered. I still maintain important relationships within this Fellowship.  One great opportunity is the Zoom meetings offered for women every other Tuesday morning.  We share and pray with women from all around the world.

I was honored to have been asked to serve on the FCAP Board of Directors in 2017 and am still active in that role.  What an ongoing privilege and rich blessing FCAP is for me.  Thank you, God, for the ministry of FCAP.


Family is a very important part of LeeAnn’s life.  She and her husband, Joel, love traveling in their motorhome and on their motorcycles.  It has been their privilege to minister in a “Cowboy Church” for a number of years.

We in FCAP thank the Lord for bringing LeeAnn to Himself, to be a part of our FCAP family and to be a shining light of encouragement and hope throughout the airlines of the world…and wherever the Lord takes them. ~ The FCAP Staff