Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel

Introducing Anil Moharana

In the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,

I currently live in the city of Gurgaon, in India. My roots are in Orissa. I have been working for British Airways for the past few years, and I am also part of the Online Christian Fellowship at British Airways.

Before following Christ, I tried to become happy by making money and living my way. But these things only made me empty. I was lonely, full of anger and hatred, and felt never loved. I knew there was a God, but as I was raised in a Hindu family, I used to worship the idols and perform all the rituals that I possibly could, justified by doing wrong, stating that gods (so-called) did the same stuff. What wrong do you hold me accountable for? But I realised I was pleasing myself and just trying to buy righteousness and try to act good and prove my way to gods. My course of life was not easy as I was trying to please everyone, met everyone’s request, and went on being miserable and pathetic. I had lost all hope in life due to the darkness of the past, present, and future. I indulged in sinful activities. I realised I needed someone to save me, but who could save me? I became a part of ISKCON (a Hindu faith movement), where I got completely involved, but peace was still a distant dream. I was there, but not all the time. During this course of time, I went through the roughest part of my life. Everyone gave up on me. I was lost forever. (I used to think that.)

(How I became a Christian) In the year 2007, I left everything and arrived in Faridabad. I had no idea where I would live and manage my food. Miracles happened, and I moved to Gurgaon, where I got a job and started my new life. But it did not come easy for me; there
were hardships that I again went through. I went into depression, and I gave up. And on one fine February morning of 2008, I happened to meet a stranger at my PG. He listened to my story and showed me that the Bible says that God loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross to pay for my sins. Jesus was buried, and after 3 days, God raised him from the dead. For me, it came as a surprise: how could God love me so much?

I realised, and that made my life completely change. On April 6, 2008, I decided to give my life to Jesus. The Bible says that those who trust in Jesus to forgive their sins will have eternal life with God. So that day, I asked God to forgive all my sins through Jesus, and I put my trust in Jesus alone. Ever since then, God has taken care of me in His wonderful hands. At times, as I walk, I fall, but His hand is there for me to hold and walk. There have been many encounters with Christ Jesus, I will be happy to Share Jesus through His life changing testimony.

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