Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel

“Fine Lines in the Faith”

If you click on “Resources” at the very top of this web page, you will discover that FCAP offers numerous resources to encourage you and help you grow in your faith.  One of those resources is a recurring blog written by Eileen Hammerman.  Her latest installment is entitled “Must We Forgive Ourselves?”.

Meet Eileen…

Eileen is the wife of a Delta pilot.  Her blog series is entitled “Fine Lines in the Faith.”  More about the author in her own words: “I’m a Sunday school grad. I’ve accepted Jesus in my heart more times than I can remember. I’ve worn masks well and God has stripped me of them, painfully. He has broken my spiritual legs and taught me how to walk again, painfully. Still learning to walk.  The unknown is unsettling to me. This place is the start of a journey unknown to me.  I don’t know who will visit here or who will stay, if these words will be criticized or will bless. But I welcome you here!  My true hope is that this is the start of an act of obedience to God’s calling, a calling to write what He has entrusted to me.  Join me in this journey to know Him more, love Him more and grow in our freedom by pursuing these fine lines in the faith.

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