Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel

FCAP-FRA Upcoming Event


The story of how this training came about, and who we are in our own words:

We are three people who love Jesus and our neighbour. As we grew in this amazing love it happened that we connected more often over our FCAP meetings. There we identified our common interest in wanting to see His kingdom come to more of our colleagues with power and fruit. So we decided to share our experiences / testimonies, and what we learned from each other at a training and invite other people. So here we re and YOU are welcome to join! It will be so good! Please read on to get to know us more:

I’m Björn, 46 years old. I’ve been married since 2021 and work for LH (Lufthansa) as a flight attendant since 1999. Since 1996 I’ve been born again and follow Jesus. Over time His grace and love makes me realize more and more how wonderful and great HE is! How much I need Him every day, and how many people need Him to be saved today and for eternity. For many years I have travelled as a part-time. Flight Attendant and on special evangelistic journeys around the world. In both I see people being touched by God, saved and healed. My wish is to see Christians in aviation be equipped with courage and tools to lead co-workers to Christ. I was able to teach about evangelism in Bible schools, on mission trips and in FCAP theoretically and practically, where the latter is the best as this is the way Jesus taught, on the go. In doing His words / will we get to know if the theory is from God himself or not (John 7:17). So I look forward to passing on what I received freely for free in this event (Matthew 10:8). So come and join! It is one of the best ways to experience Jesus at work, which builds up faith and trust in Him so very much! And it makes us free, free from fear of man, and free to love Him and people better!

I`m Katharina (36 years old) and I work as a Flight Attendant since 2006. I started off working for Austrian Airlines (home base: Vienna) and a year later I had a change of employer and started working for Lufthansa with its home base in Frankfurt. Being raised as child of missionaries I got to know God from the very beginning. After having an encounter with Jesus, at the age of 5, I handed over my life to Him . It has been quite a journey ever since. But His love and mercy have been carrying me through all ups and downs. I love knowing my Savior and have a heart for the Lost. When I was driving to work in my car and prayed that God would use me as light and salt on the next flight, He would always send me an opportunity where I could listen, encourage and share my faith with colleagues in need. Their open hearts amazed me every time and were a sign to me that God had already prepared this person’s heart to meet HIM. As co-Leader of the FCAP Frankfurt Group I enjoy building relationships with Christian colleagues and listening to their testimonies. Let`s use this upcoming training in October to have fellowship as co-workers and as siblings in Christ and let us become more equipped and ready to go out and share the Good News of the Good Father in our daily life and work place.

I’m Sampo Haapala, 37 years old. I’m married and we have two sons. I have worked 12 years as an aircraft mechanic and 6 years as a pilot. Currently I’m working as first officer at Nordic Regional Airlines flying Embraer 190s. I would say I came to believe in 2013 even though I had been born into a Christian family. Jesus Christ loves us and His love is what changes people’s lives. The most important thing is not anymore, ”what I will get”, rather we are able to see other people around us and love our neighbours as ourselves. Within God’s word it has become obvious for me to share the gospel by walking alongside relatives, neighbours and even with my colleagues. Sometimes we don’t need any words but being able to listen and be present we can see that God is still working in people’s hearts and changing their lives. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

For any questions and signing up to the training please contact Björn or Katharina through the FRA section (via phone, Whatsapp or email).

You are also invited to visit their web site at fcap-germany.org.

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