FCAP Frankfurt Fellowship

On the morning of June 28, our FCAP Fellowship in Frankfurt met in a beautiful outdoor setting for breakfast.  It was a special time enjoyed by all.  They also tell us that they recently had another wonderful meeting in Berlin as well.  During both of these meetings, several attendees became aware of answered prayer in their lives.  Bjoern Strotmann writes, “So amazing!!! We give little to the Almighty and He does almighty stuff for us!!! Soli Deo Gloria!”

Fellowship in Denver

On Sunday, June 27, a group in Denver enjoyed a wonderful fellowship time.  FCAP Leaders there (Charlotte Smith, Brad & Mindy Minnard) sent this report:

“We had a great time together today.  Thought you might like to see and share.  The fellowship was amazing and glorifying to our precious Lord!”

Latino Showcase

During our virtual monthly meeting of FCAP Leadership on February 17, we had the awesome privilege of hearing from Diego Suarez Morales and Sergio Perdomo in Colombia, South America about what God has been doing and continues to do in the Latino part of our airline/aviation world.  Even though it does not have sound with it, we would like to share with you their PowerPoint presentation.  It moves rather quickly through the slides, but hopefully you can get a taste of how God is using His people throughout the Latin community.