Historic Prayer Breakfast at Kenya Airways

“Sing to the LORD, for He has done wonderful things. Make known His praise around the world.” Isaiah 12:5

It is with great joy that we share this report from Vicky Nuru on behalf of FCAP-Kenya: 

“Dear Brethren, on Friday, 14th Feb 2020, we had a historic prayer breakfast meeting at Kenya Airways head office for the entire market place. About 300 employees attended and we are grateful to God for that opening. It was the first time for such a meeting, and from the report of the CEO, we shall be having more of these in the future. Am grateful to God for this is an answered prayer for the FCAPers in Kenya. Join us in giving thanks to the Almighty God. The Fcapers were involved in the program for that day, and we are humbled.”

Journey to Seattle and Anchorage

Journey to Seattle and Anchorage


Pictured with Paul are Penny VanVleet and Randy Bukowski. For many years Penny served on staff with FCAP as Editor of our TRIM TAB and other publications, not to mention the numerous other ways she blessed us with her  talents, abilities and loving spirit. Randy has also been an integral part of the ministry for many years as well  and served on our FCAP Board of Directors.

Following a wonderful reunion and visit with FCAPers in the Seattle area, Paul has landed safely in Anchorage, Alaska.  There he was warmly received by one of our FCAP leaders, Sung Chung, and his beautiful family.  (Pictured above with Paul are Sung, Grace, Isaac and Enoch.)  On Tuesday, February 4, Paul will have the privilege of facilitating our Workplace Seminar at Sung’s church.  Pray this will be a catalyst for personal Christian growth and for taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into their respective workplaces through their living testimony.

A safe arrival in Anchorage!









February Fellowship in DCA/IAD

Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel
February Fellowship
February 16, 2020
2 pm – 5 pm

Join us for a fun afternoon of
Fellowship, Bible Study, and Prayer.

Bring a snack to share. Invite spouses, co-workers, and friends.

Location: 317 1st Street, Berryville, VA
FCAP Reps: Eugene & Christina Kraybill
540-955-1711 Home; 717-332-9689 Eugene; 717-332-9683 Christina

We will be enjoying fruit pizza (a dessert pizza + any snacks you bring to share) while enjoying each other’s company for fellowship, Bible Study on displaying the Fruit of the Spirit in the workplace, and praying for each other.

Fellowship Time in DCA/IAD Area

Fellowship Time in DCA/IAD Area

On Sunday, January 19, Eugene and Christina Kraybill graciously opened their home in the DCA/IAD area for a “Soup Party.”  They share the following in response:

“…we had a wonderful time together for our first FCAP meeting of this year over bowls of homemade soup and plates of homemade bread.  Nine people gathered around our table to fellowship, share stories, and pray.  We had pilots, gate agents, ramp workers, front desk workers, and former human resources personnel represented from 3 airlines (United, Mesa, and American) plus 3 spouses.  Attached you will find a picture of most of us.  We would like to make the third Sunday afternoon our regular FCAP monthly meeting time, so mark your calendars now.  For our Washington region, it seems that our traffic congestion is a little lighter to get around for most of us on Sundays.  Our next meeting is February 16. Time, place, and theme of meeting will be decided soon.”

Connecting in Seattle

Connecting in Seattle

Sung Chun and Jake Joseph are both pilots, Sung being with Horizon and Jake being with Alaska.  Both are currently based in Seattle but live on opposite sides of the U.S.  Recently they had opportunity to connect in Seattle for a time of fellowship over a meal, which both enjoyed so very much.  We encourage you to become familiar with our “Groups and Contacts” listed on this web site and connect with other believers from around the world as your travels give you opportunity.  That is part of what FCAP is all about.