You may be thinking…religion and work don’t mix well. To a point, I agree. You can’t or shouldn’t conduct religious services within a corporate environment. But, can faith be an asset and bring another dimension to a person’s workplace? This would all depend on what your religious faith believes and teaches about work…something I would encourage you to look into.

Some of today’s ideas want to explain that work somehow evolved out of the need to survive. And some current scientific theories about human origin have coined the idea that work leads back to the survival of the fittest. Those who hold to these views conclude that work was derived out of this basic instinct. This theory may appropriately describe the reason for labor among animals… primarily to survive. However, there is not much evidence that animals think beyond surviving in their own habitat. But there is much more to human involvement in work than mere survival. Why?  Because a big part of why humans work, besides providing food and shelter, is to create things that enhance our life in many ways…something animals cannot do. Humans have created education, governing structure, law, health resources, and the list goes on. Just consider how humans have improved the way we travel just in the last century alone.

From a Christian point of view…you cannot separate God from work. The connection is much more than simply injecting religious activity into the workplace. Why? Because work originated and was designed from the hand of our Creator. He gave humans the task to work as an expression of their being created in His image. The Christian world and life view defines work as an assignment for humans to participate with their Creator. Because the world has order to it, humans can creatively develop things from the resources He has designed and provided. In the opening chapters of the Bible God tells the first two humans that He created all this for them to have dominion over creation. The word “dominion” carries the idea of their responsibility to creatively utilize resources available to them in the world as a service to God and others. However, when humans disregard God, they distort His design of things. Work is one of those things that has been distorted, by greed, selfishness, and enslaving people. Though work has been deformed by human abuses, its origin and purpose are clear and have not changed… it is a good thing!

The Christian faith presents a view of work that cannot be overlooked by its critics. Though other faiths and views refer to work as something that naturally evolved, the Christian faith states that work was designed and authorized by God as part of the creation order. This gives dignity to workers and their work. (PMC)

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!”    1 Corinthians 10:31