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The Significance of Easter




As our Easter message to you, we would like to share (having received her permission to do so) the words very recently posted on Facebook by our dear sister in Christ, Marlene Swedberg.  She has written this as she prepares to transition to her forever home with Jesus, and it so beautifully captures the significance of the true meaning of Easter.

Greetings family and friends. I’ve been on a four-month roller coaster ride of ups and downs of tests and scans to find the cancer that reinvaded my body. Unfortunately, we found out too late to stop the devastation in my body. It is currently eating up my immune system and red blood cells, and I’ve gone to the ER three weeks in a row because of infections I can’t fight off. I’m in hospice now and getting good care and have family and friends surrounding me with love.

I am ready to go home to my Lord and Savior and to claim my prize of an eternal life of joy, peace and life without pain or sorrow. My prayer for you, dear family and friends, is that you will search for the prize that Jesus offers. What a joy and peace I have had in my life because Jesus walks with me. I wouldn’t trade one minute in life, even the cancer, for a life without Him.

Hallelujah, I’m going home!!!

Dear family and friends, I pray you will take a moment to think about eternity and the gift of life Jesus has to offer you. I love you all and I will pray with my last breath for you to accept the gift of eternal life so I’ll be able to rejoice with you in heaven. 💕🙏🏻💕❤️



Marlene is a retired Agent with Delta Air Lines,  based in Salt Lake City.  While in Salt Lake, she joined several others in facilitating a local FCAP group at their domicile, and she has remained an integral part of our FCAP family over the years, serving faithfully on our leadership team.  Over these years she has traveled far and wide,  reaching others with the Good News and love of Jesus Christ. From her message above, you can see this passion continues to this day.   Please uplift our dear sister in prayer as she continues her journey toward her eternal home.





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