Frequently Asked Questions

How did FCAP begin?

The ministry of FCAP began in the 1971 and was incorporated in 1973 when 50 people from eight different airlines in the United States and Canada met to consider how God wanted them to serve Christ in and through the airline industry. Since that time, the ministry of FCAP has spread in over 90 areas of the world.

Do you have a membership?

FCAP does not have a membership or dues. It is a connection among Christians within the airline industry around the world, who share a common commitment to Christ and teachings found in the bible, and who focus on how this relates directly to our work and workplace.

Are people from different denominations involved in FCAP?

FCAP is a fellowship among Christians within the airline industry. However, we extend God’s blessings to all people as it is appropriate and welcomed. We are made up of Christians from many different denominations who hold to the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and who choose not to be divided by church or denominational differences.

Who can be a part of FCAP?

The ministry now includes people who hold jobs in every area of the airline workplace. FCAP does not have a formal membership. Anyone who has trusted Christ as Lord and Savior and who is living in obedience to God’s Word is eligible to be considered a part of FCAP. Those who choose to identify with FCAP are encouraged to meet regularly with other airline believers, support the work prayerfully and financially, and to seek opportunities to share the life-changing Gospel message with others in the airlines. Christians not directly related to the airline industry are welcome to be part of FCAP.

What is the purpose of FCAP?

FCAP is a fellowship where God’s people desire to identify with one another in the workplace in order to see Jesus Christ lifted up through their lives. It is our desire to represent Christ in the airlines around the world through meaningful relationships and quality work.

What does FCAP have to offer?

We offer training that helps Christians integrate the Christian faith into the everyday details of their work and its challenges. We offer free publications that render encouragement, give focus, and provide information. We offer support and fellowship through local groups, prayer network, training sessions, special events, local and regional conferences and international conventions.

How can I connect with other believers in the airlines in my local area?

Information for local areas can be obtained under “Groups & Contacts” or you can contact the FCAP International Office about starting one in your area.

Does FCAP have a Board of Directors?

Yes. They are voted on by the FCAP Council and are responsible for making decisions regarding overall policies of FCAP and fiduciary matters regarding the ministry as a whole. An Advisory Board, comprised of individuals who exhibit deep spiritual insight and maturity is sometimes called upon by the Board of Directors for advice and counsel. Our FCAP Council is comprised of representatives from our local fellowship groups.

Where is FCAP located?

FCAP is located throughout the world, wherever God’s people in the airlines are found. The physical address of our FCAP International Office is 136 Providence Road, Fayetteville, GA 30215. The purpose of the international office is to coordinate the ministry worldwide and to provide training and resources needed for such ministry.

How is FCAP financed?

Expenses incurred in the operation of the FCAP International Office and the local fellowships are paid entirely from donations. We conduct no fund raisers nor do we solicit funds through “hard core” tactics. We do, however, attempt to tactfully communicate our needs.

How can donations be made to FCAP?

Donations can be made to the FCAP International Office through cash, personal checks (drawn on U.S. banking account and made payable in U.S. currency), our FCAP app (FCAP INTL), auto debit, PayPal, credit card, money order or traveler’s check. You can click the “Donate” button where more details are given. We do hold non-profit tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and will issue tax receipts accordingly.

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