“Fear and Trembling?”

November 19, 2021


Nothing is more frightening to a follower of Christ than when he questions his salvation. This is a conversation my hubby and I will have from time to time, and we often ask, ‘how do we really know?’ We usually end this conversation feeling encouraged when we realize that if we didn’t care so much about our position before a Holy God, then we probably are in a good place of grace, God’s saving grace. But there are those sanctifying times that do require of us a fear and trembling. Those times God is addressing sin in our hearts that can raise doubt, frustration, and at times we can feel like the enemy. This is good! But not easy to admit. We should not stay in this fear and trembling place in a passive way but to put in the work that God is calling us to put in. Though Christ paid for all past, present, and future sin, we do not get to excuse our fleshly behavior. The Apostle Paul grappled with this, and I believe he did as a Christian. He says, “So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil […]

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Eileen is the wife of a Delta pilot.  Her blog series is entitled “Fine Lines in the Faith.”  More about the author in her own words: “I’m a Sunday school grad. I’ve accepted Jesus in my heart more times than I can remember. I’ve worn masks well and God has stripped me of them, painfully. He has broken my spiritual legs and taught me how to walk again, painfully. Still learning to walk.  The unknown is unsettling to me. This place is the start of a journey unknown to me.  I don’t know who will visit here or who will stay, if these words will be criticized or will bless. But I welcome you here!  My true hope is that this is the start of an act of obedience to God’s calling, a calling to write what He has entrusted to me.  Join me in this journey to know Him more, love Him more and grow in our freedom by pursuing these fine lines in the faith.