Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel

FCAP Counseling Assistance Policy & Application

1. Intended Use

In light of current events and their effect on the airline industry, FCAP has branched out.  Counseling assistance may be requested for FCAPer’s in order to participate in counseling services provided by our recommended team.  This will help to further the ministry’s mission to be salt and light in the airlines / aviation industry worldwide.  Assistance is limited to three (3) complimentary sessions in a rolling calendar year (3 for personal counseling and/or 3 for financial counseling).

2. Requirements and Procedures

A.  Prospective recipient must be currently employed by, on leave or retired from an airline (or related industry) or must be a long-term participant in our Fellowship.

B. Assistance must be requested in advance through their respective Local Group Leader or FCAP International Office by completing this application.  A designated FCAP representative will follow up to speak with the prospective recipient.

C. Circumstances surrounding need must be confirmed.  If the prospective recipient is not known by FCAP Staff / Leadership, references must be furnished and will be contacted by an FCAP representative.

D. Funds granted will be distributed as noted or declination letter will be sent to prospective recipient.  Documentation will be held by FCAP (not shared).

E. Prospective recipient must be willing and prepared to pay for any counseling sessions over and above the original three (3) for personal counseling and/or three (3) for financial counseling.

3.  Assistance Restrictions

A. Funds will not be given directly to recipient but rather will be credited to the counseling office after session participation/attendance has been confirmed.  Should a participant not show up (in person or online) or give notice of cancellation to the counseling office, depending on the circumstance, FCAP reserves the right to not continue payment for any remaining visits.

B. Support will not be extended beyond the counseling sessions, three (3) for personal counseling and/or three (3) for financial counseling, in order to ensure that there are funds for all who would desire to participate.

*NOTE:  Application must be received in a timely fashion.  Completion of application does not confirm funding; this is solely determined by FCAP Leadership.