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Beyond the Skies: Our Illusion of Control in a Jet-Powered World

It is an amazing thing that there is no part of the earth that is more than 24 hours away from us by air. Technological miracles like the jet airliner have given us powers of action far beyond our ancestors. They have also given some of us the mistaken notion that we have ultimate control over our lives in general.

We can fool ourselves easily into the illusion of control living in the 21st Century, at least in developed parts of the world. Few other generations in the history of humankind have the daily experience of flipping a switch on a wall and instantaneously turning night into day or getting into a car and traveling many miles from the place of their birth. Only in this century do we have the astonishing ability to call up what seems like nearly the sum of all human knowledge by plugging words into a search engine.

Still, all of this does not mean we are, in any sense, in ultimate control of our world. That control continues to belong to God and God alone.

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” -Proverbs 19:21(ESV)

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