Fellowship Of Christian Airline Personnel

2022 Annual Report

As we say goodbye to 2022, the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel (FCAP) celebrates another year of ministry to aviation employees worldwide.

The Board of Directors remained unchanged in 2022. However, we did see changes at the staff level. Our Ministry Manager, Jenni Ashmore, retired from FCAP after five years of remarkable service and will be sorely missed. Our newest member of the FCAP team is James Maasen, who assumed Jenni’s role. We look forward to seeing how his experience and gifts will enhance our work. The rest of our staff consists of General Director, Jake Joseph; our Administrative Coordinator, Cathy Goza; and our Fellowship Coordinator, Edward Church. Our previous General Director, Paul Curtas, has remained as General Director Emeritus and continues to be involved weekly. In addition, Shea Oakley has joined our staff as Principal Contributor for FCAP Social Media.

In July of 2022, FCAP participated in the EAA AirVenture, the world’s largest airshow held annually in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Under the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA) umbrella, we could share our ministry with a broader audience of aviation enthusiasts. FCAP could interact with other mission agencies, such as JAARS and ETHNOS360, and aviation training institutions, such as LeTourneau University. We learned much more about ministry being near many different organizations.   One of the things resulting from these connections is the prospect of helping students in aviation schools begin their own FCAP groups.  Your prayers for that endeavor would be very much appreciated.   We look forward to more opportunities as our involvement with IAMA expands.

Our Local Fellowships offer Christian aviation employees an opportunity to gather for sharing what God is doing around them at their workplace. These groups encourage each other by studying God’s Word, praying for one another and inviting others to join. In 2022 we welcomed our newest Fellowship from Christchurch, New Zealand; another group is in the process of formation in Helsinki, Finland.

FCAP provides numerous resources to encourage, strengthen, and teach Christians throughout the aviation industry:

  1. Website (FCAP.org)
  2. PRAYER LETTER, a monthly prayer guide
  3. IN THE JETSTREAM, a monthly publication with encouraging articles and ministry updates
  4. Virtual Men’s and Ladies Fellowship & Prayer, plus an Engaging in Prayer open to everyone (all held twice a month)
  5. Periodic topical webinars
  6. On the Job, God’s Way, an in-person and virtual training seminar.

Many continue to be blessed through outreach at the Boise International Airport Chapel.  This outreach continues to grow and flourish as Warren Milanowski, Doug Human and others are faithful to encourage and assist aviation personnel and passengers at the airport and beyond. Through this chapel ministry, they have seen a number of individuals come to Christ.

FCAP depends totally upon donations for its financial support. The IRS recognizes us as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Our commitment to the most proper use of all donations is unwavering; we value everything God gives us by His most holy providence and will steward those resources accordingly. We maintain God will supply our every need as we let our people know them.

We are thankful for what the Lord did this year, and are excited for what He will do in 2023.



Timothy Files

On Behalf of the FCAP Board of Directors and Staff

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