We often have seen our work as something that provides us with a sense of purpose and stability. Then something happens to disrupt all of that and life becomes uncertain and we feel insecure. Through our responses to this we begin to see more of what is inside of us, our inner thoughts and emotional patterns. We can become more vulnerable, and quickly give in to temptation. Before we realize it…we are trapped and are dragged downward by either fear, anger, jealousy, or hatred. We feel helpless, with no ability to deliver ourselves from the circumstance. The Apostle Paul was thinking of people who also had become trapped through life’s circumstances when he wrote “if a person is caught in a fault, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness” (Galatian 6:1-2). The original word for caught portrays a person who is suddenly caught by circumstance … like that of a fisherman, when throwing out his big fishing net, suddenly realizes his foot was caught in the net. He knows that without help it could drag him down into the deep. The word restore can depict a skilled person who comes and gently puts back in place a dislocated joint and mend a broken bone.

What each of us must realize here is that any one of us can fall as we go through a difficult situation, and without the help of another person we could become trapped and spiral downward. God created the Body of Christ, the church, to connect His people together for mutual support and encouragement (Ephesian 4:15-16). The church is not simply a meeting we attend, it is an engaging support network, and essential for our spiritual health and growth. God has also provided spiritual people who are skilled and mature and who can give us counsel in areas needing more specific attention (Proverb 20:5). How are you doing through these difficult times… are you connected to a support network with people? FCAP provides various support groups as well as assistance in personal and financial counseling.  Don’t try to do this alone… God has provided through His people. PMC

This thought was written by Paul M. Curtas, General Director of FCAP.  

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