WMT-MIA-1 May 15

FCAP MIA (Miami) coordinator, Ana Duarte, along with MIA Airport Head Chaplain, Melvin Payne, hosted a FCAP Workplace Ministry Training on May 5-6 at the Miami Airport. Paul Curtas with his wife, Claudette, conducted the training with a group of around 20 people. Paul said, “It is a great group, and Christ is working through them to bring His gospel to the Miami airline/aviation community.”


Comment: “This training could not have come at better time. It was a much needed encourager and reminder of what our motives and attitudes should be at our workplace. We truly do spend most of our time with co-workers and have made very little or no impact on their lives as believers of Christ. We go around letting the same circumstances and issues stress us out just as much as non-believers and our light is not shining anywhere. The training truly encouraged me to see my workplace as my ministry. I had asked God many times to reveal to me what my ministry was and little did I know that my ministry is my job.” (Maria Diaz, AA-MIA)