In January our newest staff member, Monix Mathieu, made the journey to Haiti (his homeland) to deliver the clothing that was donated for the people there.  These people had lost everything in a devastating hurricane.  A company in Louisiana wanted to donate this clothing for such a purpose, and several FCAPers stepped forward to help make it happen.  The journey was not easy, and many obstacles were encountered in the process, but God once again proved Himself faithful.  The clothing was transported by truck to Atlanta and was stored in a warehouse until arrangements could be made for shipping to Haiti.  Upon arrival there, it had to be transported to an interim storage facility until it could be transported to the coast.  There it was loaded onto a small boat for the trip to the Haitian island destination.  Seas were rather turbulent, and in order to get to the opposite side of the island, the boat and its content had to cross over land on a wheelbarrow before it could make its final leg to their destination.  Those receiving the clothing were elated. Contacts made there have opened doors for additional outreach in the future.


Our heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who made this possible!