In the Jetstream (Archives)


Safety Briefings – April 2019 

Viewing Life Through the Lens of God’s Truth – March 2019 

A Life Well Lived – Feb 2019

God’s Coordinates for the New Year – Jan 2019


Something Bigger Going On    Jan 2018

Marked by Forgiveness            Feb 2018

Prepared for Landing               Mar 2018

Runways                                    Apr 2018

Godsend Moments                 May 2018 

Transit and Destination           Jun 2018 

The Forces at Work                   Jul 2018 

God’s View of Success… – Aug-Sept 2018 

Jesus on the Inside…- Oct 2018

A Lifeline Connection -Nov 2018

God Made a Way – Dec 2018 

New Year’s Check List                      Jan 2017
Alertness at the Workplace           Feb 2017
Trust                                                 Mar 2017
The Fountain of Life                       Apr 2017

When Life is Being Rerouted        May 2017

Being Part of the Team                   Jun 2017

Backed Into a Corner                       Jul 2017

Facing Our Differences                 Aug 2017

Overcoming Our Fear                    Sep 2017

Rediscovering Fellowship             Oct 2017

Watch and Pray                            Nov 2017 

When God Befriended Us            Dec 2017

Let’s Celebrate Christmas                 Dec 2016
Habits of an Influential Life               Nov 2016
Chain Reaction at the Workplace     Oct 2016
Aviate Navigate Communicate         Sep 2016
Precarious Conditions                       Aug 2016
Lighting the Way                                   Jul 2016
When Life Loses Its Cabin Pressure  Jun 2016
Destination in Sight                           May 2016
Choosing Our Path                             Apr 2016
Religion in the Workplace                  Mar2016
In God’s Network                                 Feb2016
When Trials and Tribulation Come   Jan 2016

The Real Motive of Christmas     Dec 2015
The Problem of Perfection         Nov 2015

Respect…in the Workplace         Oct 2015
Do You Have a Testimony          Sep 2015
Relational Hospitality                 Aug 2015

Light Penetrates Darkness          Jul 2015

Where Workplace Conflict Resolution Starts  Jun 2015
Destination Mission Field         May 2015
Contagious Fellowship               Apr 2015
Keep Your Eye on the ADI         Mar 2015
Missing the Obvious                   Feb 2015
Preparing for the Storm              Jan 2015

Workplace Attitude Indicator       Jan 2014
Work…More Than Survival          Feb 2014
Where the Real Battles Rage       Mar 2014
Filing Your Flight Plan                   Apr 2014
Work … A Matter of the Heart    May 2014
In the Airline Culture                    Jun 2014
Who Is My Neighbor, Really           Jul 2014
Solving Workplace Problems      Aug 2014
Wondering…Does God Really Care Sept 2014

A Notable Presence                      Oct 2014

What’s Your Approach                 Nov 2014

Being Correct About Christmas Dec 2014


Checklist for the New Year           Jan 2013
Routine of Announcements         Feb 2013
Life’s Flight Delays                         Mar 2013
Disorientation-                                Apr 2013
Weight & Balance of Life             May 2013
Does Faith Relate to Work           June 2013
The Way I Go to Work                    July 2013
Approaching Storms-                     Aug 2013
Working Beyond the Ordinary     Sept 2013
Who Is Watching Anyway               Oct 2013
Non-Reving Through Life              Nov 2013
All I Need for Christmas Is             Dec 2013

God’s Coordinates for our Times  Jan 2012
Job or Career                                   Feb 2012
The Good Life or the Better Life   Mar 2012
When You Lose Your Orientation Apr 2012
Blind Spots of Our Jobs                  May 2012

Dress Rehearsal for Work              June2012
A View of the Destination               Jul 2012
Law of Gravity                                Aug 2012
When Life is Being Rerouted       Sep 2012
A Synchronized Operation            Oct 2012
The Good Life or a Better Life     Nov 2012
Christmas in a Global World        Dec 2012


Flight Delays of Life                           Jan 2011
Preflight…Preparing for your Workday Feb 2011
Attitudes Determine Your Altitude Mar 2011

Life is Built in the Paths of Storms  Apr 2011
Gods Checkpoint Scanning            May 2011
Cabin Pressure                                 June2011
The Forces at Work                           July2011
In the Midst of a Merger                 Aug 2011
More Than Simulated Experience Sept2011
Attitudes Affect Spiritual Altitude  Oct 2011
Work Beyond Ordinary                  Nov 2011
Mystery-Controversy-Christmas  Dec-201