The FCAP ministry provides spiritual understanding and direction for your work. Your employer provides resources giving clear definition, direction, and coordination with co-workers in relationship to the responsibilities of your job. In the same way, Christians need to understand God’s truth in order to guide their thoughts, give direction to attitudes and actions, restructure emotions and unite them together. The resources of FCAP focus on the essentials of the Christian faith, relating God’s truth to our workplace. We do this by focusing on subjects that define and describe God’s relationship to our work and our responsibility to Him while in our workplace.

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What is God Doing in the Airlines?
Overview of the FCAP International ministry

The Question Remained Unanswered
Salvation prayer to invite Christ into your heart and evangelism tract by Captain Gary Kosak
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In order to have genuine ministry involvement in the workplace, we must first consider how we are personally growing and being nurtured in our spiritual life. Ministry is an outward flow of an inward reality. This section will post a variety of subjects from the Bible that encourage and guide us in our personal walk with God through life and in our workplace.


When Christians walk with the Lord in the workplace it brings added dimension to how they perform their job and relate to their co-workers. Workplace involvement is not bringing church programs or events into the workplace, rather it is about God working in each of us as we engage in our job responsibilities and His working through each of us to bring His influence into our workplace.