We have embarked on an exciting opportunity through a booth at the G3 Conference in ATL on January 17-19.  Thousands attend this conference from all over globe (on Thursday alone there were reportedly about 4500 present) , and its purpose is to help churches and other organizations know how to better understand God’s mission field in today’s culture. Please pray for our team as they oversee our FCAP booth there and connect with representatives from churches and other mission organizations.  One of our passions is to help the local church understand how they can effectively equip their people for ministry within their respective work places.  Here are a few interesting facts to consider:

  • By the time a person retires from their job, he/she will have spent approximately 90,000 hours in the workplace.
  • At the same time, if they attended church regularly, they will have spent approximately 5,000 hours in church.  This means for every hour spent at church, they spent 18 hours at the workplace.

FCAP stands ready to help make training available in churches, businesses and schools.
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