Prayer Network

Prayer is the backbone to the FCAP ministry. Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a part of our FCAP PRAYER NETWORK. This network is composed of Christians throughout the world who have committed themselves to the Lord to pray for the FCAP ministry and for airline/aviation related people worldwide.

There are a number of options for participating in our FCAP Prayer Network:

LOCAL PRAYER MINISTRY…We strongly encourage establishing a prayer group within your workplace and/or local community if one is not currently meeting.  Please prayerfully consider starting one…All it takes is two people!   Contact us … we will be glad to help you get started. 

MONTHLY PRAYER LETTER…This prayer guide comes from the FCAP International Office and presents prayer requests that mention the needs of airline/aviation related individuals worldwide. It also includes requests for specific outreach through the FCAP ministry. This publication is available through e-mail or through postal mail for those who do not use e-mail.

E-MAIL PRAYER NETWORK…Requests sent through the E-mail Prayer Network focus upon urgent/time sensitive issues experienced by those within our FCAP family, co-workers in the airline/aviation workplace worldwide and the FCAP ministry as a whole. There are guidelines for this e-mail communication to ensure participants receive a reasonable number of requests in a given time frame.

ONLINE PRAYER & FELLOWSHIP…You are invited to join our FCAP family throughout the world as we come together for Online Prayer & Fellowship.  Three groups meet several times throughout the month via Zoom.  Details are posted on the home page of this web site, along with sign-in information.    We hope you’ll join us in this special time in prayer together!

We strongly believe that praying together will unite and strengthen the bond between airline Christians and between Christians working in the airline/aviation industry worldwide. We hope you will prayerfully consider being a part of this exciting prayer ministry. Please note: You do not have to commit to all of the above. If you prefer to participate in just one aspect, the decision is yours.

Click here to let us know how you would like to be involved!

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