Time of personal sharing and focus on God’s Word lead this group in Frankfurt into prayer for Lufthansa and Lufthansa Systems.  They are encouraged as they go back into their workplace and look forward to their next prayer meeting.

Our Christian brothers and sisters at Lufthansa Systems write, “This is how prayer and God’s Word is nourishment and oxygen for the spirit and soul.  By praying, you become a person of prayer.  We have become a ‘solid core’ which is a great encouragement and blessing to all of us.
Prayer Meeting 1 - March16So
Prayer Meeting 3 - March16metimes we also have some surprise visitors joining us for prayer.  The hotel, NH Frankfurt Airport West, is located on the other side of the street, directly opposite of Prime Parc 1.  This has made it possible for Monika from Stuttgart to join us for prayer.  You enter the building (Prime Parc 1) through the main entrance, facing the street, passing the reception desk to the right; after passing the post office, there are three meeting rooms.  It is in one of these that the meeting takes place.  Last week we even had prayer support from Lufthansa (Dallas), due to a travel assignment from the company (see photos).  We have an open invitation, and we encourage all to meet for prayer whether in a terminal, on a layover, or as we do in our office.”