On the Job… God’s Way
FCAP Workplace Training #1

It is estimated that you will spend over 90,000 hours of your life at the workplace. This means 37% of your life awake will be spent in the work culture. So, how does God view your work and relate to your work life? This foundational 4 session training will consider the following…

Session 1- We will discover how God’s design of work gives my job value and purpose and how work fits into His overall plans.

Session 2- We will look at the kind of influence Christians can bring to the workplace, and the way opportunities can develop naturally.

Session 3- We will consider the problems of our workplace, and evaluate how they affect us and our coworkers…Then consider God’s Wisdom in how we can respond to these problems.

Session 4– We will describe how the church, God’s people out in the world, can connect and offer support in the workplace.

Because one session builds upon another, we do recommend participation in all four sessions consecutively.

This seminar is facilitated by Paul Curtas, FCAP General Director.  Remaining sessions are scheduled as follows:

Session 3 – Thursday, June 10
Session 4 – Thursday, June 17
Time:  10:00 am ET