“We are weary, but pursuing.” (Judges 8:4)

Gideon’s militia was pursuing the remnant of the great Midianite army and, as God had promised the victory, was on the verge of the complete annihilation of those who had harshly oppressed them. As Gideon passed through the different regions in pursuit of what was left of the Midian kings, he had requested bread for his army but was rejected. However, the LORD would provide all that Gideon needed to gain the victory over His adversaries.

As we continue on in ministry, there are many foes that come against us. I think it is okay to be honest about our weaknesses, for I hear of the many testimonies of those who are pressing the battle until the end, and they do grow weary. However, a lack of strength is never an excuse to drop out of the conflict. The amazing part is this … that in our weakness God promises two things: He will renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31), and He will perfect His power (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Let me ask you this … Are you fainting from the heat of the battle? The battle is His, so look to Him to be renewed. Is your spirit exhausted from the fight? Sit down in the green pasture, drink from the still water. Praise Him for His daily sustenance and be refreshed today, for you must renew the fight!  (TCF)

This thought was written by Tim Files, Secretary/Treasurer of our FCAP Board of Directors.