For many years now we have had the privilege of praying for Bill and Susalee Sasser and the dental/medical teams they lead into Third World country mission fields.  A recent encounter in Burundi, Africa led to prayer for a four-year-old boy named Jules (pictured here with Dr. Bill and Susalee).  Infection in his jaw bone led to part of his jaw protruding to the outside of his face.  Dr. Bill was able to remove the diseased bone and several teeth, but cellulitis remained and he was put on IV antibiotics.  The boy’s mother was in a car accident, suffered a broken leg, hit her head, and cannot speak correctly now.  She has six other children, leaving her 21-year-old son to care for Jules at the hospital.  We thank the Lord for connecting Jules with Dr. Bill and his team … and for answered prayer.   Jules is doing so much better and is now able to return home.

Susalee is a retired Delta flight attendant, and Bill is a “retired” dentist.  Both have a huge heart for using their availability in retirement and their skills  to not only bring physical relief to the people in these Third World countries  but also to share the love and Gospel message of Jesus.