Pictured with Paul are Penny VanVleet and Randy Bukowski. For many years Penny served on staff with FCAP as Editor of our TRIM TAB and other publications, not to mention the numerous other ways she blessed us with her  talents, abilities and loving spirit. Randy has also been an integral part of the ministry for many years as well  and served on our FCAP Board of Directors.

Following a wonderful reunion and visit with FCAPers in the Seattle area, Paul has landed safely in Anchorage, Alaska.  There he was warmly received by one of our FCAP leaders, Sung Chung, and his beautiful family.  (Pictured above with Paul are Sung, Grace, Isaac and Enoch.)  On Tuesday, February 4, Paul will have the privilege of facilitating our Workplace Seminar at Sung’s church.  Pray this will be a catalyst for personal Christian growth and for taking the Good News of Jesus Christ into their respective workplaces through their living testimony.

A safe arrival in Anchorage!