My name is Monix Mathieu, and I serve in FCAP in the area of Leadership and Group Development. I was born and raised in Haiti, which for me was fun.  I thank God for giving me those memories that I still cherish today. When I was 20 years old, I moved to the United States to continue my education.  After living for three and half years in New York, I relocated to Atlanta, GA.  I transferred there for a Political Science major after completion of my Associate in Linguistics, but then the Lord flipped the plan and sent me to theology school.  After receiving my bachelor in the Art of Religion, I completed two masters programs at Luther rice University.  I am married with four children, three boys and one little girl.  My wife, Manuelle, is a wonderful woman, and I thank my Father in heaven for having made her just for me.  I have worked for two different airlines and one contractor for the airlines in the past 22 years, and I am still an active airline employee.  I am happy to join force with the FCAP staff here at the FCAP International Office to help people be an influence in the workplace.

(A side note from the rest of the Staff …  Some of you may have already had the privilege of meeting Monix Mathieu either at our last International FCAP Convention in Switzerland, one of our training sessions, over the phone, or here at the FCAP International Office.  If you have not had that privilege yet, you are in for a blessing.  We are truly blessed having him here with us!)