Randy and Rashell Bukowski recently shared with us a beautiful testimony of answered prayer, and they have given us express permission to share it with others as a testimony of God’s grace.  Their letter was accompanied by a precious note from their daughter, around whom this account centers (note pictured here).   Here are excerpts from the Bukowskis’ letter:

“Just wanted to let you know that you are loved and appreciated for all that you do, and especially for your faithful prayers on behalf of Riley.  It is hard to believe but Riley is in 4th grade already, and will be 10 years old soon!  She has been on the FCAP prayer list for many years now, and we thought you might like an update.  First, a recap:

Riley was born prematurely.  She had stopped moving and had to be taken out by C-section.  After a very scary week in the hospital’s intensive care unit, we could finally bring her home.  All seemed normal until we noticed she was not using her right hand as much as her left.  After an MRI (another scary time as she had to be put under anesthesia), we learned that a part of her left brain had not received as much blood as it should have, and that it would affect her right side, and could also affect her speech.  After praying, trusting God, and watching her grow, we were happy to discover that Riley’s speech was not impaired at all.  She does have mild weakness on her right side, and doing fine-motor tasks with her right hand is a challenge.  She has been blessed with some of the most loving and caring specialists, doctors, and therapists you could imagine!  It has not been all play and no work for Riley, however.  She has been fitted numerous times with splints and devices of all types to keep full range of motion in her right arm and leg, and she has also undergone botox injections (again, under anesthesia).  None of the above is particularly pleasant.  Special therapy camps, daily exercises, and sports are all part of the plan, and Riley has shown that she is persistent, and she can adapt.

Fast forward to today:  At first glance you may not even notice Riley has a different ability  (notice I didn’t say disability), though you might notice if you shake hands with her.  Riley has learned to swim, play soccer, and play softball (her favorite sport).  She attends school at Brooklake Christian School, in a small class of loving and accepting children.  She has competed in speech meets (reciting a poem or story) and spelling bees (this year she is once again top in her class and will be going to the district competition).  She is a very loving and caring person, and she makes us very proud.  We are blessed. 

GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS … that’s really the message I want to convey, along with our thanks and gratitude.  We want to encourage all of you to KEEP PRAYING … not just for Riley, but also to continue to good work of the PRAYER LETTER.”

Randy is a retired Delta agent and flight attendant.  He served for many years on our FCAP Board of Directors and remains in close contact with us to this day, praying with us and encouraging us in numerous ways.  If you would like to be a part of the prayer team in FCAP, you can LEARN MORE through the prayer section of this web site.  And please know we welcome opportunity to pray for you personally and others in your airline workplace.