How can you find God’s rest in the workplace when there is so much motion and commotion?  Is it possible to be at rest in the activity and routine of work? We often associate rest with the absence of problems, where everything is operating smoothly, or when we stop doing everything. However, when God promises rest to the people of God, He is inviting us to enter His rest in the midst of our struggles and confusion. Maybe it is aggravation with a co-workers or a company decision has made you restless. In addition to your job responsibility, you find yourself struggling and wrestling with such things. God invites us to find rest in our work, by doing our work whole heartily unto him and trusting Him to take care of the outcome. (PMC)  Consider Jesus’ words: “Come unto Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you…learn from Me…for My yoke is easy and My burden in light”(Matthew 11:28-30).

This thought was written by Paul M. Curtas, General Director of FCAP.