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 Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel

Q&A on Financial Stress
with Dale Goodrich

Thursday, October 29
9:30 am ET
(via Zoom)

“When household finances are out of control, more than money is at stake. Relationships suffer, patience grows thin, and happiness becomes a moving target!  I can help you change that once and for all.  You can regain control of your finances and experience:  less stress, the power to choose, and a sense of peace.”  – Dale Goodrich


Dale is a retired Air Force officer and United Airlines Pilot. He’s also worked as a Systems Engineer as well as a part-time Real Estate agent. His passion, however, is to help people avoid the financial potholes he found along the way. This can be a daunting challenge but the good news is that if you’ve graduated from first grade, you know all the math you need to win with money. Changed behavior is the hard part…he knows from personal experience. He can help you see the need for that and show you what changes to make.

Dale is a published author.  In 2005, he wrote a book entitled “So, Are The Skies Really Gonna Part?”  This book addresses his personal experiences as he was working in the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks.  Then in  2014, “In The Beginning…Steps to Take Before You Seek Wealth” was released (pictured above).

Dale has worked with groups and individuals for over ten years, teaching about the basic elements of debt reduction, cash flow management, and (most importantly) the need to dream.

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