On Sunday, January 19, Eugene and Christina Kraybill graciously opened their home in the DCA/IAD area for a “Soup Party.”  They share the following in response:

“…we had a wonderful time together for our first FCAP meeting of this year over bowls of homemade soup and plates of homemade bread.  Nine people gathered around our table to fellowship, share stories, and pray.  We had pilots, gate agents, ramp workers, front desk workers, and former human resources personnel represented from 3 airlines (United, Mesa, and American) plus 3 spouses.  Attached you will find a picture of most of us.  We would like to make the third Sunday afternoon our regular FCAP monthly meeting time, so mark your calendars now.  For our Washington region, it seems that our traffic congestion is a little lighter to get around for most of us on Sundays.  Our next meeting is February 16. Time, place, and theme of meeting will be decided soon.”