In addition to presenting our Workplace Training to airline personnel throughout the world, FCAP has been given the privilege of collaborating with other ministries and presenting the same material to their people as well.  Paul Curtas had one such opportunity in March as he was invited to speak at the Southwest Christian Care Staff Retreat here in the Atlanta area.  Responses from two attendees are as follows:

“We recently had Paul Curtas of Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel come and speak at our Annual Staff Meeting for Southwest Christian Care.  He brought to us God’s word and how to demonstrate His truth within the workplace.  The content of his presentation could not have been more timely for our work of service at Southwest Christian Care.  Our work is serving others and his presentation, of how to allow God to work through us, was very encouraging!” — Michael F. Sorrow, Executive Director – Southwest Christian Care         

What a great Annual Staff Meeting we had recently.  This was my seventeenth meeting as a staff member of Southwest Christian Care – it was the BEST!  As a Christian, we sometimes forget the best place to  show others the love of Jesus is at work.  Paul Curtas of Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel and his presentation of God-Sized View of Our Work, Defining Workplace Ministry, Responding to Workplace Conditions, and Becoming a Part of the Solution was inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting to each staff member attending.  Thank you Paul for reminding us that God loves and works within us 24/7! — Janice Wright, Director of Development – Southwest Christian Care