It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

Many years ago, an airline mechanic acted on his heart desire to share the love and message of Christ with his co-workers.  This led to formation of several regular Bible study/prayer groups taking place in the simply surroundings of  break rooms at work.  What began with only a few meeting together has now turned into usually 15-20 coming together on a regular basis (pictured above).  We thank the Lord for those who courageously act on their desire to see others come to Christ and live for Him.    If you have such a desire  for your own work area and need help in getting things going, please e-mail us or give us a call at (770) 461-9320.  We would be delighted to talk with you and help.  That is one major reason FCAP exists!


Frontier Good Samaritan … A Heart-Warming Story

How refreshing it is to read heart-warming stories that are shared about the airlines and their employees.  Charlotte Smith (FA with Frontier) shares the following:

“This is an amazing story… I was working this flight and can’t say enough about how awesome Kirsten was to help this beautiful pregnant woman when she began having contractions on our flight. She had a toddler in her lap, her husband was deployed and she was to have a C-Section in a few weeks because she was unable to have the baby normally.
We were diverted to St. Louis where there would be no one that she knew to be with her and who would take care of her toddler while she was in the ER. Wow! Did I mention there was another serious medical incident going on at the same time during our flight?!? Thankfully, Kirsten asked Crew Scheduling when we landed if she could accompany this woman and care for the toddler while at the hospital. They granted her permission since there was a deadheading Flight Attendant that could take Kirsten’s place and continue to Cincinnati. I was so thankful for Kirsten’s heart to serve and Frontier’s willingness to place more value on this Mom, her toddler and unborn baby than the interruption of service and financial expense. In light of all the negative press regarding airlines, this is a most heartwarming story…I know it is true because I was there!”  ( Published News Article)

Amazing Connections in the Workplace

When one leaves for work, we never know what God may have in store.  Captain Jack Bowen excitedly shares this account of a recent trip he flew:

“Paul and FCAP brothers and sisters:  I have to tell you about an event that shows how God is so amazing.  This happened just after we had our little FCAP meeting in TPA a few weeks ago.  Flew a trip to Shanghai, and it was unreal. Two of my copilots were believers, which is not too unusual (as usually at least one of them is a believer). But then, regarding the flight attendants, about six of the 11 were believers as well! That almost never happens! So I had breakfast at the hotel with some of them and we had a great conversation about the Lord, about work, and about how God was working in our lives. I asked them if they knew about FCAP, and they did not. So, when they checked out (as they were going back sooner than we pilots were), I met them in the lobby with copies of IN THE JETSTREAM. They were so excited! They weren’t aware that such an organization even existed. I’m not sure what they will do with those JETSTREAM’s, as that is up to them in God. But it is good to know that God hears our prayers and is interested even more than we are (of course🙂) that the name of Christ gets lifted up in the airlines…. Our God is good and He’s only too willing to answer our prayers…. Jack Bowen, signing off.”