Corporate & Business Aviation Fellowship – A Virtual Opportunity

Corporate and business aviation personnel are coming together for regular times of connecting with one another in fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.  The time is facilitated by corporate pilot Jamie Luttrell.  Whether you are currently employed or are in transition, please make plans to join us!  For more information, you can contact

LIVING IN A TENSE WORLD (Study in 1 Peter)

The Apostle Peter wrote his first letter in approximately 62AD. At that time Christians were treated as foreigners and enemies of the Roman state. Their beliefs were thought to be a threat to the progress of culture. The thoughts and words of Peter’s letter (1 Peter) provided a foundation for Christians to understand God’s purpose in their times and how to respond to the tension and persecution of the world. This short letter has much to say to those of us facing a growing antagonism in our times.


Chapter 1:1-12        Foreigners Scattered on a Mission

Chapter 1:13-16      A Life of Hope and Holiness

Chapter 1:17-25      Reverence, Fear & Purity

Chapter 2:1-10        Images Depicting the Christian Life

Chapter 2: 11-17      Declaring God’s Glory

Chapter 2:18-20     God’s Grace – When under Submission

Chapter 2:21-25     Supreme Example of Submission

Chapter 3:1-7         Submission in Marital Responsibilities

Chapter 3:8-12       Living in an Undesirable World

Chapter 3:13-17      Suffering for the Name of Christ

Chapter 3:18-22     The Sufferings of Christ

Chapter 4:1-6         The Battle- World vs God

Chapter 4:7-11        Perspective for Living under Suffering

Chapter 5:1-5          Leadership’s Example under Persecution

Chapter 5:5-9         Modeling Humility under Persecution

Chapter 5:10-14      Peter’s Final Words