National Day of Prayer in Nairobi, Kenya

It is both encouraging and exciting to witness the movement of God’s Spirit throughout the world.  Our FCAP brothers and sisters in Kenya have asked us to pray fervently for their country, and they have shared with us about an exciting opportunity to join with others in prayer on March 21.  Even though we may not be able to be physically present with them, we can certainly pray with and for them right where we are.  Here is information about their National Day of Prayer:

Historic Prayer Breakfast at Kenya Airways

“Sing to the LORD, for He has done wonderful things. Make known His praise around the world.” Isaiah 12:5

It is with great joy that we share this report from Vicky Nuru on behalf of FCAP-Kenya: 

“Dear Brethren, on Friday, 14th Feb 2020, we had a historic prayer breakfast meeting at Kenya Airways head office for the entire market place. About 300 employees attended and we are grateful to God for that opening. It was the first time for such a meeting, and from the report of the CEO, we shall be having more of these in the future. Am grateful to God for this is an answered prayer for the FCAPers in Kenya. Join us in giving thanks to the Almighty God. The Fcapers were involved in the program for that day, and we are humbled.”

Launch of New Prayer Meeting in Perth

A new monthly prayer meeting dedicated to praying for the airline industry and its people is being launched in Perth.  Our ministry partners in Australia with ACN (Airline Christian Network) write the following:  “If we want to see fruit in our industry, then regular prayer is critical.  Colossians 4:2 says, ‘Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful’ (NIV).”  Here are the details for this meeting:

First Tuesday of every month, starting on Tuesday, November 5
7:45 pm(sharp), finishing at 8:45 pm
St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Shenton Park

If you have an overnight in Perth and would like to join them, they can easily pick you up from your crew hotel.  Simply contact

God’s Movement in Awakening Souls…

God’s Movement in Awakening Souls…

An international flight attendant recently shared with us about an exciting opportunity he had on a recent trip:

“… while on a rest period, I felt moved to share with my Thai ISM who was [of another religion] how I kept experiencing Jesus miraculously.  She was amazed at my miraculous experiences and suddenly asked me to pray for her ID flight from SFO to HK as the flight was over booked…. I also invited her to pray to Jesus as follows:    ‘Jesus, if You really exist, please let me experience You miraculously; then I will believe You!’   Last night, 5 hours before wake up call from our SFO hotel, I felt moved to pray for the Thai ISM again,  ‘Lord Jesus, please let her deeply experience you and allow her to catch the flight to HK with her 2 daughters. Please send other Christians to follow up in her journey of Christian belief as she is from another base….’

“During passenger boarding, the Thai ISM & her 2 daughters boarded and even could seat together.  After they settled down, she told me, ‘It is really a miracle’ as originally they could not get on board. But one of the ID passengers was merciful to them, insisting on giving up his seat so that 3 of them could get on board! During our first group rest, my SFO-HK’s ISM came to ASC.   I discovered she is a Christian with a heart to serve God. After I shared what the Thai ISM experienced, she told me, ‘… when the Thai ISM got on board, she said to me, ‘You know,  I never believed in Jesus and His existence before, but after this incident,  I truly believe.’  Twenty minutes before landing, the Thai ISM shared with me the process of experiencing this miracle in detail … it amazed me!  Then I felt moved to share the Gospel with her.  The Holy Spirit worked on her spirit …she followed the repentant prayer and accepted Jesus as her Savior!

“One amazing thing is that I have not carried an English Bible for at least 1.5 years.  However,  3 weeks ago I received one Gospel of John booklet from Edward Church… I put it in my overnight bag, I feel God specially prepared the Gospel book for this Thai ISM. She even felt led to follow the operating SFO-HK’s ISM to church to learn more about the Christian faith and will join CX Prayer Group 5 to receive more spiritual messages. Jesus loves all His creation. if we pray, we will experience His miracle work!!!  Hallelujah, all glory to Him!!!”