“Go  therefore…” (Matthew 28:19)

“Go therefore…” (Matthew 28:19)

What a blessing it is to see Christians within the airlines following God’s command to us in Matthew 28:19.  Such has been the case with Joe and Susie Swint (Delta – ATL) as they joined a team from their local church in a mission journey to Haiti from March 31-April 6 (over Easter).  In addition to spending time with children there, they also helped with cleanup at the orphanage and at the school sponsored by Operation Mobilization.

Susie wrote upon their return,  “The trip was great and we made a lot of headway with the children this time. We felt like the teenage kids needed something more than VBS so we broke them up into small groups and had individual meetings with them.  I had six girls in my group and they were so excited to have this time to ask all their questions.  Our goal was to find out if they were saved and if not, try and plant that seed.  I had three girls who said they were not saved but wanted to learn more.  I keep an extra focus on them, to try and lead them to Christ.  We used Romans 10:9 as our theme … It was an eye opener for them when we explained all they needed to do was accept Jesus into their hearts and baptism was just an outward display of what they had accepted into their hearts.  Many of us made a lot of headway with these kids.  They still need more ongoing mentoring so for now, all we can do is pray for them.  We are praying God will allow us to go down again next year.  We will just have to wait and see what His will is for us!  …We did some cleanup at the Orphanage and at the school that Operation Mobilization sponsors.  It was awesome to see how both places are progressing forward for the kids.  I came home with a very full heart!

























Outreach in Boise

Recently our FCAP Field Staff in Boise served breakfast to United Air Lines crew members and Skywest employees contracted by United.  Around 30 workers were served by Boise Airport Chaplains Warren Milanowski and Doug Human, along with Doug’s wife, Roxanne.  They tell us that there was a very enthusiastic response to this outreach.  It is hoped that contacts made there will generate participation in FCAP Workplace Training they plan to do there in Boise in the Spring.  Thank you, Warren, Doug and Roxanne, for your servant hearts!

It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

Many years ago, an airline mechanic acted on his heart desire to share the love and message of Christ with his co-workers.  This led to formation of several regular Bible study/prayer groups taking place in the simply surroundings of  break rooms at work.  What began with only a few meeting together has now turned into usually 15-20 coming together on a regular basis (pictured above).  We thank the Lord for those who courageously act on their desire to see others come to Christ and live for Him.    If you have such a desire  for your own work area and need help in getting things going, please e-mail us or give us a call at (770) 461-9320.  We would be delighted to talk with you and help.  That is one major reason FCAP exists!


Prayer Does Make a Difference!

Sometimes as humans we may fall prey to the question, “Does prayer really matter?”  The answer is clear … YES, IT DOES!   We may not always be able to witness the answer to those prayers firsthand, but at other times God allows us that joy.  Recently we had opportunity to pray for the young adult brother of a Delta flight attendant as a viral infection was attacking his organs.  The prognosis was not favorable.  In talking with a co-worker, one of our FCAPers learned about the situation and asked us to pray.  We have been doing so now for several months.

Our FCAP friend did not personally know Christopher’s sister, but kept abreast of the situation through a mutual acquaintance.  As our friend was leaving the Delta Block Party in Minneapolis on Saturday, she overheard someone talking with Edward Church at our FCAP booth there about how gravely ill her brother was.  Our friend turned back and asked if she would happen to be Christopher’s sister, to which the lady replied, “Yes.”  Our friend told this fellow flight attendant how both FCAP and her church had been praying for Christopher.  With a smile on her face, the lady replied that he is now home and being cared for by their father.  “Praise the Lord” was the response from both.  The flight attendant went on to explain how her brother is basically emaciated and needs nourishment to gain strength. If you have not already heard about Christopher through our FCAP Prayer Network, we invite you to join us in prayer for him.   Meeting Christopher’s sister at the Block Party was truly a divine appointment.  Our friend is grateful for that … so are we.

If you would like to know more about our FCAP Prayer Network, click on “Prayer” at the top of the home page of this web site.

MSP Delta Block Party

MSP Delta Block Party

For a number of years now we have had the special blessing of hosting a booth at Delta Block Parties in ATL, MSP, and SLC.  Last Saturday, June 3, representatives from FCAP once again enjoyed that time in Minneapolis.  A big heartfelt thank you to all who came to help us set up and oversee the booth and prepare giveaway baskets.  You were a blessing to many! Our prayer remains that our presence and outreach there will have an everlasting impact for God’s glory.

An added note:  As people who have been involved with FCAP for many years will attest to, “Fellowship” is an important aspect of this ministry.  On Friday night prior to the MSP Block Party, four members of our FCAP family enjoyed additional fellowship time over dinner (photo below).  Others had wanted to join them but were not able to do so … and they were greatly missed.










FCAP Continues On…

The evening before the Workplace Training #2 held in Minneapolis, Paul Curtas and Monix Mathieu enjoyed fellowship over dinner with two flight attendants who have been a part of FCAP for many years, Debbie Regello and LeeAnn Nelson. In fact, both had just begun their careers with Delta when they were individually introduced to the Lord and to FCAP.  We are grateful for those who invested their time in the lives of these women…leading them to Christ and to us!  And we are grateful for Debbie and LeeAnn as they continue to invest in the lives of others.