National Bible Month in the Philippines

Leadership of FCAP-LTP/LTTP in the Philippines shares this encouraging news with us:  “A blessed day!  Let’s thank God because every January in the Philippines is “A National Bible Month.”  January 21-27 is the National Bible Week, January 27 is the National Bible Sunday, and on January 28 is the National Bible Day.  The latter is declared special working holiday.”

Every Thursday, FCAP-LTP/LTTP hosts a Fellowship and Bible Study every Thursday in the MM Conference Room from 12:05 pm-12:55 pm and welcome anyone able to attend.  They also appreciate our prayers for this time together and outreach among their co-workers there in the Philippines.


Greetings from Uganda

It was with great joy that we received words of greeting and this photo from FCAP’ers at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.  They truly are shining lights for the Lord Jesus among their co-workers there.  Please remember to uplift them in prayer … as they are praying for all of us as well.  Thank you, our FCAP family in Uganda, for sharing this photo with us.







Ministry in Uganda

Ministry in Uganda

Our hearts are always blessed to receive updates from FCAP groups meeting in countries from around the world.  We recently received this photo from Uganda.  It captures Job, a Christian brother sharing with co-workers during one of their recent lunch hour fellowships.  As the Lord reminds you, please pray for these faithful ones as they gather on a regular basis for time in the Word and fellowship with one another.

Straight Paths

Straight Paths

straight pathEvery day, challenging things happen to each of us, wherever in the world we are.  The extra flight attendant is a no-show, so now we are delayed waiting for a reserve to be called out.  The emails are down, so now we cannot communicate in a timely fashion.  A loved one is ill, and our thoughts are with this dear one.

Every time, there is opportunity to pray to God for His resolution to be accomplished through each of us.  Here we see the partial crew going out to breakfast together and one of them says grace before the meal…here is a good time to make phone calls and say, “God bless you” at the end of the call…here is a time to praise God that He will provide devoted doctors to help heal our ill friend or co-worker.

Every chance we have to bring our cares to the Lord and leave them with Him to will and to act will honor Him and point others to Jesus as Lord of our lives.  From a human perspective, these are real problems, yet for Christians, we see an opening to be His light in the darkness.  Join us, looking to Him, in every moment.  (JMA)    Consider: “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:6).

This thought is written by Jenni Ashmore, FCAP Office and Ministry Manager. 

Ministering in Tanzania

Ministering in Tanzania

Over many years now Dr. Bill and Susalee Sasser have traveled into Third World countries taking dental/medical help and the Gospel to those in need.  Bill is a retired dentist and Susalee is a retired Delta flight attendant.  Both have been a part of our FCAP family for many years.  It has been our joy and privilege to pray for them as they embark on these journeys.

Recently their outreach took them to Tanzania, where they ministered along side aBridge2Aid team of 7 dentists and 4 oral health workers from the UK.  They share the following, “It was a good experience although challenging for Bill to learn the British system and use completely different dental instruments.  He picked it up and did well.  The dentists trained 6 Clinical Officers who have had a few years of medical training and who work in rural clinics doing various medical procedures….  We had one patient who had had a tooth ache for 5 years but did not have the means or opportunity to have it extracted….”

While traveling to one of their remote destinations, twice they encountered places where several vehicles got stuck in the road and the team had to go around them.  From that point they had two more days of travel on these same roads.  But God brought them safely through.

Thank you, Bill and Susalee, for your servant hearts in going into these parts of the world.  We pray that spiritual seeds planted during these trips will bring forth much fruit for God’s glory.  Looking forward to your next adventure!