Reflecting on the Year … and Spreading Our Wings

As we reflect on 2019, we have much to be thankful to God for … He has opened doors of opportunity for us in a variety of ways.  In addition to the individuals whose work life displays God’s glory and Gospel in the aviation workplaces throughout the world, here are a few others…

  • Our FCAP group in the Philippines has targeted a people’s group in their country that is poor and lacking in many ways, including the Gospel.  Good water is one thing they desperately need, so this FCAP group raised support and had a well dug in that town.  Now they are bringing the Gospel, the Living Water, to this people group.
  • Our trainings, Workplace Seminars 1 & 2, have reached new people within the airline/aviation industry, as well as individuals in churches, students in Christian schools, plus business people and groups in other professions.  Altogether God has provided us with the opportunity to train some 607 people this year.
  • There were new speaking engagements … but a very unique opportunity came in October through Diego, our FCAP Coordinator in Colombia, South America.  He spoke to 80 Colombian Air Force cadets, and at the end of the meeting 30 cadets prayed to receive Christ.

We look forward to seeing God spread our wings, per se, even further in 2020 to new individuals, groups, and areas in the aviation industry worldwide, as well as in churches, Christian schools, and business groups.

Please know that we appreciate the prayers, support, and partnership from each one of you … there would not be an FCAP without you.  We thank God for you!

Paul Curtas
FCAP General Director
On Behalf of the FCAP Staff and Board of Directors

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Blessed By Yet Another Visitor!

Blessed By Yet Another Visitor!

On October 12, we in the FCAP International Office were blessed once again to have someone come spend time with us here.  Jack Bowen has been a part of our FCAP family for many years and a faithful witness for the Lord Jesus in the airline workplace and beyond.  He is a Captain with United Air Lines and lives in Tampa, where we are hoping to see a fellowship re-established.  Jack spent much of the day talking with us about how he could be of more help in the ministry in the days to come, in training and in other ways.   It was a joy reminiscing with him about past conventions and singles conferences, and it was encouraging to hear about many ways God has been working in and through his life.

Sharing Life and Struggles

Recently we had the privilege of having Kenny Tipton, a Delta pilot, come spend time with us here at the FCAP Office. He shared with us a book he wrote and recently published entitled My Flight Through Cancer.  In his own words, “This book is about more than cancer; it is about letting ego go and sharing life in intimate details.  It is about love and passion, about being humbled, making mistakes, finding the right path, relying on others to help in the simplest tasks, and and keeping and finding more faith than you thought possible.”  He goes on to suggest ways to (and not to) respond to those struggling with the pain of loneliness and disease.  To learn more about Kenny’s journey, visit his web site at  We are grateful for Kenny’s vulnerability in sharing his story so openly … we are grateful for his testimony in the airline workplace.




God’s Gift to the FCAP Ministry


With so many changes and challenges before us, we wanted to take a moment to share about a special blessing that has come our way.  We see this as another reminder of God’s faithful provision and His continued desire to use FCAP for His glory in the days to come.

Many years ago, a dear friend of Joe’s, Byron DeVore, presented us with the special gift of an integrated phone system for our office.  That system has served us well for many, many years.  However, several months back we began having major problems with the answering system connected to these phones.  It became obvious it was time to pursue a more updated system as service for this particular one was no longer available.  One local phone installation company came highly recommended through several other non-profit organizations.  The quote they gave us for a used, but more up-to-date, system appeared to be a very reasonable and would fit our current budget.  So we proceeded to schedule the installation.  Then one day, Tim, owner of the phone installation company, sent us an email.  When the business selling the phone system to them learned that we were non-profit, they made the decision to donate the system to us,  and the phone installation company followed suit regarding installation costs.  Bottom line is this … we now have a “new to us” system installed at no cost to us.  The system includes 7 phones and the connection box.   It is so much easier to operate than our older system and also has additional features we will certainly utilize. We anticipate the system serving us well for a long time to come.   For this gift to the FCAP ministry, as well as the gift of our earlier system through Byron (who is now with the Lord), we are so very grateful.

Hope hearing about this provision encourages you as much as it does us!




Introducing Our Newest Staff Member…

My name is Monix Mathieu, and I serve in FCAP in the area of Leadership and Group Development. I was born and raised in Haiti, which for me was fun.  I thank God for giving me those memories that I still cherish today. When I was 20 years old, I moved to the United States to continue my education.  After living for three and half years in New York, I relocated to Atlanta, GA.  I transferred there for a Political Science major after completion of my Associate in Linguistics, but then the Lord flipped the plan and sent me to theology school.  After receiving my bachelor in the Art of Religion, I completed two masters programs at Luther rice University.  I am married with four children, three boys and one little girl.  My wife, Manuelle, is a wonderful woman, and I thank my Father in heaven for having made her just for me.  I have worked for two different airlines and one contractor for the airlines in the past 22 years, and I am still an active airline employee.  I am happy to join force with the FCAP staff here at the FCAP International Office to help people be an influence in the workplace.

(A side note from the rest of the Staff …  Some of you may have already had the privilege of meeting Monix Mathieu either at our last International FCAP Convention in Switzerland, one of our training sessions, over the phone, or here at the FCAP International Office.  If you have not had that privilege yet, you are in for a blessing.  We are truly blessed having him here with us!)

The Joy of Fellowship

The Joy of Fellowship

One of the many joys we have in serving here at the FCAP International Office is welcoming those who come spend time with us here.  It was indeed a joy to have Karl Seuring (Delta pilot who lives in the Seattle area) spend two days with us recently.  Karl has been a part of our FCAP family for many years and has participated in our International Conventions and other FCAP events.  Thank you, Karl, for encouraging us with your presence! (Pictured l-r: Monix Mathieu, Karl Seuring, Edward Church)