Annual Report – 2021


In 2021, the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel (FCAP) was still navigating through the effects of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. But as 2020 and 2021 were years of great upheaval within the church overall, FCAP has adapted to new and innovative ways of reaching its people.

1.  Our two-fold purpose in FCAP remains unchanged:

  • To encourage Christians to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, enjoying His presence and possessing His power to be salt and light on the job God has given them on the airlines.
  •  To encourage the Christian airline employee to help carry out the Great Commission, introducing fellow employees to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow toward spiritual maturity.

2.  The mission of FCAP also remains the same:  To encourage believers within the airline and aviation workplaces to represent Christ through meaningful relationships and quality work.

3.  FCAP continues to use prayer to accomplish the mission, along with other resources.

  • Our monthly PRAYER LETTER places prayer requests in the hands of those who have committed to this important task.
  • FCAP also sends out a monthly newsletter (IN THE JETSTREAM) that includes biblical insights on how to live as Christians at work.
  • Our “On the Job…God’s Way” Training is comprised of a formal curriculum that can be taught in person or web-based.
  • Virtual  fellowship and prayer as well as leadership meetings continue to occur post pandemic as an effective way to communicate.

4.  The FCAP Board of Directors is composed of current airline employees along with two retirees. The Board is made up of pilots, mechanics, cabin crew, and technical training personnel from the U.S., Colombia and the Philippines.

5.  FCAP has just recently named a new General Director, Jake Joseph. He is replacing Paul Curtas, who has faithfully served the ministry for nearly 30 years. Our staff is comprised of a General Director, Jenni Ashmore-Ministry Manager, Cathy Goza-Administrative Coordinator, and Edward Church-Fellowship Coordinator.

6.  2021 marked our 50th Anniversary of the founding of the ministry!  Every month a different domicile shared their own ministry beginnings along with updates regarding the specific struggles, victories, and their vision of the future state of the organization.

This ministry is funded totally through donations as God leads in individual hearts.  Our commitment to those who give is as follows:

  • We are committed to using all donations given to FCAP to bless others with the riches of God’s Word and to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the airline workplace worldwide.
  • We are committed to carrying out the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) in response to God’s love for us.  We believe that God will provide through His people connected to this ministry.  We will let our needs be known tactfully.
  • We are committed to operating this ministry by principles outlined in God’s Word.  In doing so, we ask that people give to FCAP after their financial obligations to their family and local church.
  • We are committed to honoring privacy by keeping in confidence FCAP contributor names or any information relating to their contributions.

FCAP is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  Accordingly, all donations made to this ministry are deductible for income tax purposes. 

God is faithful, and we all here at FCAP give thanks for His providence over us. Grace and peace to you all.

In His Service,

Timothy Files

Featured Volunteer



These are just a few words describing our featured FCAP volunteer for the month of June, Tom Johnson.  Here is what Tom shares about his life and involvement with FCAP:

“In my grade school and high school years in Akron, Ohio, Annabel, a Sunday School leader, and John, a leader of Altar Boys, were among the church adults who were (and this was important) especially encouraging and kind.  They were among the factors that kept me in church in my adolescent years and beyond.  

My first year in Purdue University’s engineering classes proved too much and a counselor suggested Purdue’s two-year Aviation Technology program.  That led to a FAA A&P license and then to Utah State University’s similar program followed by Air Force Officer Training School and four years active duty as an Aeronautical Engineer.  While in the Air Force, I earned a private pilot license on my own.   

Tom with Barney Brogan

As my Air Force commitment was ending I contacted American and interviewed at TWA and United for maintenance jobs.  In 1966 I started in a foreman training program at United Airlines’ SFO Maintenance Base.  Over the next 35 years I was a Maintenance Procedure Writer, a Staff Accountant in Maintenance Sales and finally a Supervisor in Maintenance Records and Control.  In my second year at United, a TWA Flight Attendant in my California church encouraged me to join her in a Bible study in a church close by.  It was there that I received a clear presentation of the Gospel that led to my salvation.  Around 1972 a United flight attendant, Joline Oberhelman, posted an announcement of a lunchtime Bible study where I soon heard of the FCAP.  This led to attendance at a weekly all-airline Bible study in the home of Barney Brogan, an American Airlines SFO crew scheduler, and his wife, Gina.

A FCAP West Coast Conference in May 1975 was the start of almost 30 years of active involvement that included the localFCAP SFO/OAK/SJC newsletter, West Coast Conferences, FCAP International Convention site evaluation and transportation planning.  At FCAP gatherings I became known as “Mr. OAG” as I used a pocket version of the Official Airline Guide to assist with helping attendees plan for their return flights home. 

Tom enjoying a break during a convention held near Tampa with his OAG ready and waiting … always with a smile!




Jennie Seals and others enjoying Tom’s ever ready humor at a convention held at Shocco Springs.








Tom with his friend “Max”

Being in a new and one-person job on 9/11/2001 resulted in my forced early retirement.  That opened the way to caring for people’s dogs and other pets in
their homes during their travels and also to participation in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), including ten years as a leader.  In the year of my retirement I moved to an inherited home in a new county and was searching for a church when Colleen Johnson, an American Flight Attendant who knew of my search, mentioned it to a jump seat partner.  The new church is wonderful!  This was the third redirect of my life through an airline FA … as important to me as pointing the way to an escape slide!  Praise to our wonderful Lord!”

All who have had the privilege of knowing Tom and spending time with him are blessed beyond measure.  Thank you, dear brother, for your faithfulness and encouragement over these many years.

~ The FCAP Staff

FCAP Member Spotlight




This month we are featuring Shea Oakley, brother in Christ, FCAP member, and Aviation enthusiast extraordinaire.

Former aviation museum director Shea Oakley began his involvement with FCAP over 20 years ago. During that time, he has attended multiple trainings at our H.Q., acted as representative of the ministry at numerous airline historian/enthusiast shows around the U.S., administered FCAP’s New York Metro Area Facebook group, and been a member of our Advisory Board, among other roles.

You’ve likely seen his many engaging posts on LinkedIn! If not, go check them out, as they are well worth the read. 😊 (

Shea has been a commercial aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He first joined the World Airline Historical Society (WAHS) in 1983 at age 15 and in 1987 was co-founder of the Tri-State Airline Historical Society. The following year Shea began the first airline collectibles show held in the New York area, “Airliners Northeast,” at Newark Airport.

He has written many feature articles on U.S. airline history for several print and electronic publications and is currently Managing Editor of the quarterly journal of the WAHS. Shea joined the staff of the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of NJ in 2001 and was its Executive Director from 2006-2018. His latest project is The Commercial Aviation History Consultancy, an enterprise devoted to fact-checking and research for commercial aviation projects in every form of media.

We are so glad to know Shea and thankful for his 20 years of involvement with FCAP! To God be the glory.

-Your friends at FCAP

FCAP Staff Feature – Jake


This month, we are featuring Jake Joseph, our new General Director as of April 1, 2022. Jake is a breath of fresh air and has the most engaging personality. His earnest faith and constant encouragement to his brothers and sisters in Christ are such a blessing to all in the FCAP family!

Jake has worked in the airline industry for the past 19 years in various positions for multiple airlines. He is a firm advocate of workplace ministry, and the positive impact believers have in the workplace. Jake believes his work is his mission field and his mission field is his work. He has been involved with FCAP since early 2013, and joined the FCAP Board of Directors in early 2020. And as mentioned above, he is now our General Director.

Jake and his dear wife, Joana, have a beautiful daughter named Jenna, age 5. They love spending time together as a family and recently stopped by the FCAP headquarters in south Atlanta for a visit.

Jake considers his spiritual gifts to be teaching, communicating, and one-on-one mentoring, and has helped Paul with teaching the Workplace Seminars, among other leadership opportunities.

As part of his personal testimony, Jake relates, “Ultimately this is what I strive for: to be used by God; prepared and knowledgeable for the defense of Christianity; to be able to dialogue and discuss effectively in love; to be compassionate and attentive to the people around me, while being a true witness and an ambassador for Christ.” Jake is truly humbled and honored to continue serving the FCAP community around the world.

The verse he would like to share today is Romans 8:31…

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

We thank God for how he is using and will continue to use Jake as a willing servant to carry out his wonderful plan and good works to bring glory to His name.


Your Friends at FCAP

Message from Incoming General Director

Greetings Fellow FCAP Believers:

I am truly humbled and honored to be accepting this position as the new General Director of Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel. Paul Curtas has done an outstanding job leading FCAP for the past 30 years. Words simply cannot express the amazing impact he has had upon the ministry and to so many believers all around the globe.

I have been involved with FCAP since early 2013 and humbly joined the FCAP Board of Directors in early 2020. Being a part of FCAP has been a great blessing for me in my walk with the Lord. Paul has graciously taken me under his wing over the past several months, and it has been a true honor to learn under him. I truly understand I have some very big shoes to fill, but by God’s grace we move forward to what He has in store for us. We will continue to trust in His guidance and wisdom in this. I am reminded of Psalm 139:9-10: “If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide me, and Your strength will support me.” 

I would also like to add that I may not know many of you but would love to get to know each and every one of you.  So please feel free to reach out to me. In the meantime, please keep me and my family in prayer as we begin this new and exciting chapter.

Jake Joseph


Greetings FCAP Family and Friends,

We have a great promise from our Lord that He will lead us throughout life’s journey (Psalm 23). Looking back, we often see how God turned our lives in certain directions, and as time goes on we see more clearly why. I can say this about my time in FCAP… the turns my life took years ago, eventually led me to accept the position of General Director of FCAP in 1992. The last 30 years have been an enriching and beautiful journey to say the least. So many wonderful friendships were made from different countries and cultures around the world. Because of it I appreciate much more how God creates His family and forms unity through diverse people. Also, so many wonderful stories were written by the hand of God through our fellowship together at conventions, events, local meetings, trainings, etc. Also, the amazing way the Lord led me to accept the invitation to attend the FCAP Austrian Ski Adventure in 1994… It was there, at Tauernhof, I met one of the staff named Claudette Allen. The rest is history… she became my wife in October 1995 and together we continued in this ministry. Incredibly thankful for all!

Now there is another turn approaching in our journey. I saw it coming and sought the Lord as to who and when. One morning in March 2020 I was awakened early, and the message, though not audible, was clear from the Lord… “Look for a person within FCAP.”  I had already had numerous conversations and interviews with potential people along the way. I started working closely with a few people in FCAP, and in time it became more obvious that one of the young men stood out to me. I observed him in more detail, how he exercised his gifts, abilities, dealt with problems, and how he handled people and communicated with them. His passion for the Lord and for FCAP were obvious to me. He had no idea about my thoughts, but finally in June of 2021 I approached him asking if he would be willing to serve as the next FCAP General Director. He indicated he was humbled by this, and said he would be willing to pray about it. He came back to me and affirmed his willingness to serve in this… his name is Jake Joseph. Jake is married to Joana and they have a delightful daughter (age 4) named Jenna. He is a pilot with United Airlines. Because the FCAP Board is solely responsible for appointing/hiring the General Director, they spent time talking with Jake and with his wife Joana about Jake’s readiness to serve… both of them were in agreement. Then at our last International Board meeting on December 8, and after a few months of praying, the Board felt it was time to vote on the matter, and they voted in favor of Jake becoming the next FCAP General Director.

Thirty years ago the FCAP founder, Joe Ivey, and the Board of Directors handed the directorship of FCAP over to me. It is now an honor for me, on behalf of the Board, to hand over the directorship to Jake Joseph… our new General Director starting April 1, 2022.  I believe he will serve the Lord and FCAP well. And as for me… I am not retiring per se, though I am cutting back. It was agreed upon that I would stay on and work 1 to 2 days a week, to assist and support Jake, as well as work on special projects.

For His Glory,

Paul Curtas



Don’t remember these earlier events; don’t recall these former events. Look, I am about to do something new. Now it begins to happen! Do you not recognize it? Yes, I will make a road in the desert and paths in the wilderness.
Isaiah 43:18-19