Recently, dear ones of mine became really ill with Covid. I asked them if there was anything I can do for them,  meaning if they needed any food or groceries. But they both replied, “Just continue to keep us in prayer.”

Their faith in prayer reminded me of the power of prayer! “Praying unlocks the doors of Heaven and releases the power of God.” – Billy Graham.  In James 4:2 we’re reminded, “You do not have because you do not ask.” Not only are we to bring our needs to God, but Scripture says we’re to also bring the needs of others to Him. How often do we pray for our coworkers by name? Do we care for them enough to pray for them? Even the ones that trouble us. Do we pray for their needs? Do we even know what their needs are? May we engage and invest in our coworkers so our prayers may be used by God to impact them.

Consider: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” Philippians 4:6, NASB.

This thought was written by Jake Joseph, General Director of FCAP.


God-Ordained Work

   In earlier years I wrestled as to whether my choice to be a pilot was selfish.  Could aviation be used for God’s glory or was this an act of selfish ambition?  I had the idea that being part of a mission/bush pilot organization was more spiritual or holy than other flying jobs.

Several years after being hired as a First Officer at AirMidwest Airlines, I stepped off the Beech 1900D to deplane customers at Reading, PA.  it was there that a non-revving USAirways Flight Attendant handed me a brochure called the TRIM TAB.  This was my introduction to the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel; but more importantly, it led to my realization as to how my work in the airline industry had purpose to serve the Lord, and that I could view this as God-ordained work.

View of Work Throughout History

   Plato and Aristotle viewed that the majority of men should do the heavy work, so the minority of men might engage in higher pursuits, such as art, philosophy, and politics.  In that period artisans and craftsmen were considered a little better than slaves.  Slavery in and of itself was an institution based on the loathing of work.  In the Roman era, Marcus Tullius Cicero, of the first century BC, basically viewed working daily for a livelihood was unbecoming of a gentleman (free born man).  Many in the aviation realm today, even Christians, unfortunately view work as a curse.

What Does Scripture Say?

   In Scripture, however, God clearly affirms the concept of work as He placed Adam to have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth (Genesis 1:28).  In Genesis 2:8 and 15 we read that God placed Adam in the garden to cultivate it.  This was a vocation leading to participation in God’s work rather than placing a burden on us to perform and achieve a goal so that we will be accepted by God.  Adam participated in God’s work.

King Solomon shares in Ecclesiastes that labor is from the hand of God.  In verses 18 and 19 of chapter 5, he writes, “Here is what I have seen: It is good and fitting for one to eat and drink and to enjoy the good of all his labor in which toils under the sun all the days of his life which God give him; for it is his heritage … this is a gift from God.”  To summarize, labor is good, labor is from the hand of God, labor is a gift of God.  Rejoice in His labor.

Questions of Consider

  • If we view work as a curse, how does this affect our diffusing the fragrance (aroma) of Christ Jesus in our workplace? Do we carry a pleasing fragrance spiritually…or do we stink?
  • If we stink, will co-workers learn to stay away from God because of how we behave? Will they not want to serve God because we are negative role models or because we think or act as if God would not support our profession?
  • Do we feel “missionaries” on a far-off mission field make a greater sacrifice than we do in our work?

I am no exception … I have fallen for these misconceptions.  Then over the years it has become reality that wherever God has allowed each of us to participate in work, we can all be used for His glory and to serve Him in whatever profession or in whatever location He has placed us.  Here is one more question to consider (taken from the book written by Paul Curtas, When God Shows Up at Work):

“5,000 hours of our lifetime could be given for the Sunday or weekly services that we may attend for church.  90,000 hours of our lifetime may be provided for our workplace location on an average.  That would be an 18:1 ratio of time given to us.  Imagine standing before Jesus our Messiah on judgement day.  He would know about the 5,000 hours that we attended church, but if He were to ask about the 90,000 hours in the workplace…what would the answer be?”

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of knowledge of Him in everyplace.”   2 Corinthians 2:14    

This article was written by Eugene Kraybill.  Eugene serves on our FCAP Board of Directors and as Senior Chaplain at the Washington-Dulles International Airport. He is regional Chief Pilot for Mesa Airlines at IAD.  His wife Christina also serves in the  IAD Chapel.

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2022 EAA Airventure in Oshkosh

Our Journey to Oshkosh

For many years it has been our desire to see FCAP  officially represented at the annual EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.   This year it finally happened through our affiliation with  IAMA (International Association of Missionary Aviation).  They invited us to join them in their tent with 13 other Christian aviation non-profits (there are 62 members total in IAMA).  

A number of obstacles had to be overcome, but our awesome team from FCAP made it there for the week of July 24-31.  Thank you, Tim/Carol/Meredith Files, Eugene/Christina Kraybill and Edward Church for venturing where we had never been before and seeing it through.  Our display was staffed faithfully throughout the week,  leaving very little time for our team to enjoy the Airventure festivities.  However, each one of them will tell you it was a blessing being there, meeting the people who stopped by the tent, engaging with other ministries, and furthering the vision of outreach to the airline/aviation world.

In addition to IAMA and our FCAP team,  we want to thank MASA (Missionary Aviation Support Association) who organized transportation and provided host homes, meals and other amenities for our team throughout the week.  We extend heartfelt thanks to Plymouth Church for receiving boxes of materials we shipped ahead of time; they also graciously provided a Sunday evening meal for our team.


Location of our FCAP Display Table
Welcome to our home for the week!
FCAP Display Table Within IAMA Tent








Meet Nancy!

In 1972, while working as a Delta flight attendant, I was walking through the Atlanta terminal to my flight when I ran into my roommate from initial training. To my surprise I found myself skipping the small talk and when asked how I was doing, I quickly responded with, “Something’s missing in my life and I don’t know what it is, pray for me!” I was embarrassed that I voiced that since at the time I didn’t believe in prayer. The response I received from Barb was, “We will pray for you!” As I walked away, I noted that she said “we” and wondered why? Barb had gotten involved in a small group of flight attendants who were meeting for prayer and Bible study thru FCAP. As Barb promised, she shared my prayer request with them and also her need for a new roommate.

Shortly after this meeting with Barb, much to my surprise, she was on my flight as a passenger flying to Dallas to attend Jet Recurrent. While inflight I knelt in the aisle next to her and told her I hoped we could talk, but since it was a full flight with meal service, that wouldn’t be possible.  After expressing my thoughts to Barb and walking away, she quickly prayed, “Lord, if this is your time for me to tell Nancy about You, please open the door of opportunity.” Before I made it back to the galley, a thought popped into my mind. I quickly turned around and made my way back up the aisle to ask Barb if it would be alright if I went to her hotel and took a cab to mine later. Barb was elated! She knew that the Lord had clearly shown her that this was the time. While in Barb’s hotel room, she pulled out her Bible and I got nervous. I spoke first, sharing that I felt empty though I loved my job. Maybe it was from being single and meeting the right guy to marry was the answer but so many end in divorce, that couldn’t be the answer. Barb began sharing with me how my life was like a chalkboard that I had messed up, but that Jesus Christ was like the eraser and wanted to wipe the slate clean and take complete control of me. She stated that He had paid the penalty for all my sins; past, present and future! That was the best news I had ever heard!

As she spoke, I felt like I was hearing the good news for the first time, even though I had been raised in a Baptist church. My heart was pounding and I got so scared I told her I had to go and would think about all that she had said. Then she said, “You can leave here the same way you came in or you can go out a new creature in Christ, ‘Therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.’ (2 Corinthians 5:17)If you walk out the door without receiving Him after I’ve told you the truth, you’re in a state of rejecting Him. Can you reject Him?” I could not reject Him. I knew I must surrender completely to Him and give Him my life, which I did that night! Something serious had happened to me and I wondered if I needed to quit my job and maybe join a convent, since now I was surrendered to Him. Barb assured me that I was just to rest in Him and stay put, because He had a plan for my life and I was to trust Him to lead the way.

Janice Barfield with Nancy



Shortly after this, I received a call from Barb asking me if I would like to move from New Orleans where I was based to Atlanta and become her roommate. I did!  In Atlanta I met flight attendants Janice Barfield, Sandy Browning, and others who had been praying for me and for Barb’s new roommate.  Both prayers were answered! I was then introduced to Joe Ivey who was leading a Bible study in his home where I met other fellow believers in the airlines. Being a believer on the airplane was exactly where God wanted me.


Nancy with Fran Hieber

I began attending the FCAP luncheons on the 15th of every month. At one of these meetings, Pat Berryhill asked if I would mind sitting with Fran Garraux Hieber as it was her first time to attend. Because Barb moved, I had prayed that morning for the Lord to show me where I was to live and with whom. As soon as Fran and I sat down, she asked me where I lived and I told her I was praying about finding another place. She lit up and said she was looking for a roommate and would I be interested! Once again the Lord clearly answered my prayer and that day I went with Fran to see her apartment and made arrangements to move in with her. She and I were roommates until I married and are still very close friends to this day.

It was at another FCAP luncheon I met fellow flight attendant, Edward Church, who later introduced me to his best friend Gary Ott who had led him to the Lord years before. After meeting Gary and seeing each other only a few times, we knew that the Lord had brought us together to marry which is a whole other story to tell; of love, walking by faith, watching God lead and miraculously waiting on Him to convince us of His will. Needless to say the Lord used FCAP to introduce me to my Lord and Savior, my roommate, my husband and an ongoing discipleship that has grounded me throughout my Christian life.

Gary and I have been married for 44 years, have two amazing children who love the Lord and have Godly mates, and five wonderful grandchildren.

Gary & Nancy Ott with their grandchildren




Featured Volunteer



These are just a few words describing our featured FCAP volunteer for the month of June, Tom Johnson.  Here is what Tom shares about his life and involvement with FCAP:

“In my grade school and high school years in Akron, Ohio, Annabel, a Sunday School leader, and John, a leader of Altar Boys, were among the church adults who were (and this was important) especially encouraging and kind.  They were among the factors that kept me in church in my adolescent years and beyond.  

My first year in Purdue University’s engineering classes proved too much and a counselor suggested Purdue’s two-year Aviation Technology program.  That led to a FAA A&P license and then to Utah State University’s similar program followed by Air Force Officer Training School and four years active duty as an Aeronautical Engineer.  While in the Air Force, I earned a private pilot license on my own.   

Tom with Barney Brogan

As my Air Force commitment was ending I contacted American and interviewed at TWA and United for maintenance jobs.  In 1966 I started in a foreman training program at United Airlines’ SFO Maintenance Base.  Over the next 35 years I was a Maintenance Procedure Writer, a Staff Accountant in Maintenance Sales and finally a Supervisor in Maintenance Records and Control.  In my second year at United, a TWA Flight Attendant in my California church encouraged me to join her in a Bible study in a church close by.  It was there that I received a clear presentation of the Gospel that led to my salvation.  Around 1972 a United flight attendant, Joline Oberhelman, posted an announcement of a lunchtime Bible study where I soon heard of the FCAP.  This led to attendance at a weekly all-airline Bible study in the home of Barney Brogan, an American Airlines SFO crew scheduler, and his wife, Gina.

A FCAP West Coast Conference in May 1975 was the start of almost 30 years of active involvement that included the localFCAP SFO/OAK/SJC newsletter, West Coast Conferences, FCAP International Convention site evaluation and transportation planning.  At FCAP gatherings I became known as “Mr. OAG” as I used a pocket version of the Official Airline Guide to assist with helping attendees plan for their return flights home. 

Tom enjoying a break during a convention held near Tampa with his OAG ready and waiting … always with a smile!




Jennie Seals and others enjoying Tom’s ever ready humor at a convention held at Shocco Springs.








Tom with his friend “Max”

Being in a new and one-person job on 9/11/2001 resulted in my forced early retirement.  That opened the way to caring for people’s dogs and other pets in
their homes during their travels and also to participation in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), including ten years as a leader.  In the year of my retirement I moved to an inherited home in a new county and was searching for a church when Colleen Johnson, an American Flight Attendant who knew of my search, mentioned it to a jump seat partner.  The new church is wonderful!  This was the third redirect of my life through an airline FA … as important to me as pointing the way to an escape slide!  Praise to our wonderful Lord!”

All who have had the privilege of knowing Tom and spending time with him are blessed beyond measure.  Thank you, dear brother, for your faithfulness and encouragement over these many years.

~ The FCAP Staff

FCAP Member Spotlight




This month we are featuring Shea Oakley, brother in Christ, FCAP member, and Aviation enthusiast extraordinaire.

Former aviation museum director Shea Oakley began his involvement with FCAP over 20 years ago. During that time, he has attended multiple trainings at our H.Q., acted as representative of the ministry at numerous airline historian/enthusiast shows around the U.S., administered FCAP’s New York Metro Area Facebook group, and been a member of our Advisory Board, among other roles.

You’ve likely seen his many engaging posts on LinkedIn! If not, go check them out, as they are well worth the read. 😊 (

Shea has been a commercial aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He first joined the World Airline Historical Society (WAHS) in 1983 at age 15 and in 1987 was co-founder of the Tri-State Airline Historical Society. The following year Shea began the first airline collectibles show held in the New York area, “Airliners Northeast,” at Newark Airport.

He has written many feature articles on U.S. airline history for several print and electronic publications and is currently Managing Editor of the quarterly journal of the WAHS. Shea joined the staff of the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of NJ in 2001 and was its Executive Director from 2006-2018. His latest project is The Commercial Aviation History Consultancy, an enterprise devoted to fact-checking and research for commercial aviation projects in every form of media.

We are so glad to know Shea and thankful for his 20 years of involvement with FCAP! To God be the glory.

-Your friends at FCAP


The smile on their faces says it all!  For quite a while it was not possible for this long-standing group of FCAPers to meet in person, but over the past several months, they have been able to do so.  It was a joy for our new FCAP General Director, Jake Joseph (far right), to join them for fellowship time together on Saturday, April 30, in a local home.  (Seated in front row are the FCAP-Denver leadership team (l-r) Brad and Mindy Minnard and Charlotte Smith).

In a recent social media post, Charlotte Smith (Denver-based Frontier flight attendant) shared what FCAP means to her:

“I love FCAP… I have met lifelong friends, skied in Austria, hiked the Swiss Alps and sailed Greek Islands.  But the best part is knowing God in deeper relationships!”


The Fruit of the Spirit

Recently Flight Attendant Joy Owens Guliani and her daughter, Acadia, spent time in Poland ministering to men, women and children who have been displaced from their homes in the Ukraine.  Joy shares the following thoughts on the Fruit of the Spirit from what she has observed while there:



“The fruit of the Spirit is not a banana… or an apple, an orange, a grape, a peach or a pineapple. Those fruits are what we, along with about a dozen other volunteers, cut up to put in the fruit salad every morning and serve to approximately 1000 people by noontime. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This fruit I have seen in so many ways since I’ve been in Kraków these past 10 days.



When Emily asked the salty older Welshman we had been volunteering with why he came here, without any hesitation he replied,

Love.  And I’m going to cry like a baby when I have to leave.’

Joy – in the midst of tragedy and trauma, to hear a child laugh as they chase bubbles we’re blowing or a mom laugh as she shows off her Chinese jump rope techniques brings joy to our hearts. And to theirs.

Peace – what we are all praying for in the midst of this awful, heartbreaking situation.

Patience as people wait in long lines to be served a meal, wait for their appointment at the embassy or in a line to pick through used clothing in the clothing tent.

Kindness is everywhere. The volunteers here from around the world, including Ukraine, are such an amazing group of people who show kindness every day by serving food, wiping tables, cleaning floors, emptying trash, interpreting for each other and so much more.











Faithfulness  – in the MTW crisis team every day as they faithfully run the shelters, drive caravans of goods into Ukraine, work to find placements for displaced people all over Europe, operate a help center, and more, all in a country where none of them speak the language.

Gentleness – listening to Emily doing a medical consultation with an older Ukrainian woman at the shelter yesterday and hearing the gentle way she spoke to her made me think how cared for the woman must have felt and how it must have given her a feeling of security knowing she was in capable hands in the midst of such unsettled and confusing circumstances.

Self-control – I see a lack of this when some kind of unusual items are brought to the tent for distribution and people mob those trying to distribute them. It’s sometimes frightening how they crowd and grab and demand. But I think, ‘I have never in my life been in a situation even remotely like the one they are in right now. Do I have any idea how I might react in the same situation?’  It’s a sobering thought.

What an absolute blessing it is to be here and serve alongside my daughter, my friends I brought along and the new friends I’ve made here. So many amazing people and experiences.”


From FCAP…

Thank you, Joy, Acadia and the many others that have sacrificially gone to serve in such a way.  Thank you to those who have prayed for them.  Thank you for those who provided the resources needed to make their outreach possible.

Dear Acadia shared her beautiful talent on the violin with the people as she played their national anthem.  May this encourage you as we are sure it did all who heard it there.  National Anthem of the Ukraine.


A Testimony…Comfort in Tragedy


We received this testimony from a longtime FCAP member, who gave us permission to share her story anonymously.

She wished to tell you all about the support she has received and continues receiving from friends in the Lord and through relationships with other FCAP members. (Praise the Lord.)

As for the background of this testimony, this sweet friend recently lost her adult son tragically, to suicide. She reminded us that Scripture says the Lord shakes the heavens, like an earthquake, …and there are aftershocks.  In the subsequent weeks, there have been a lot of breakdowns in her family… aftershocks.

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:6-7, KJV

And for the testimony itself:

Following her family’s tragedy and loss of a loved one, God has provided her with the comfort of His Holy Spirit.  This has come in the form of many FCAP friends reaching out to meet with her in person (being from different backgrounds and doctrines) in unity.  These individuals have been the body of Christ to her in extraordinary circumstances and have reached out to her recently for fellowship:

  • A Flight Attendant from Mexico, on a layover, called to meet her for lunch.
  • An airline employee in India set her alarm clock for 3am just to spend time chatting with her.
  • A pilot from AMS (Amsterdam) used to have MIA (Miami) layovers once every three years is now working trips frequently, with MIA overnights, and calling to meet with her and pray with her.
  • Even when quarantined, she received calls from FCAPers in the UK and Lima, Peru to check on her well-being.

“The body, Jesus Christ’s body, moves.”  Once again, this dear lady wished to affirm “how the Lord has encouraged me over the years through the people of FCAP even through distance and time.”

We thank God for the ways he is working in our sister’s life even through the darkest of nights, bringing her into a new dawn and closer walk with Him, using the faithful believers within our Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel.