FCAP Corporate Wing Leader – Jamie Luttrell


This week we’re featuring Jamie Luttrell, FCAP Corporate Wing Leader!

Above, we get to see Jamie flying in the sunny skies – and Jamie and his friend Tim having a Meetup at Delaney’s Diner. Meetups happen often among Aviation clubs and groups. Looks delicious, guys!

Jamie writes:

“I’m flying for a Part 91 company, I’ve been in corporate aviation for over 20 years. My goal was always to be a Nate Saint-type pilot serving in the foreign mission field flying for MAF or JAARS or AIM, etc.

But GOD! He’s taken that plan and refined it to serve domestically, working in a local church with Student ministry and others. My “tent making”, as Paul describes, is flying aircraft which enables me to reach those in corporate aviation who would never hear the gospel and to help in the local church.

FCAP has helped me do what I feel God has called me into. It’s been a wild, exciting journey as I just “enjoy the ride” and see what God has for me each day.

Come join us at FCAP-C! Most Corporate flight departments are small in number, and the followers of Christ in each one may be only a few. They may feel isolated and not know how to deal with the culture and demands this business puts on a Christian aviator. It’s also hard sometimes to relate the gospel in a way that aviators understand, but God speaks to us today in a way we can understand.

Come be a part of a growing community of Christian corporate aviators. We meet up at common airports, join the bi-weekly fellowships and touch base with each other regularly to encourage.

Contact me for more info!


It’s so inspiring to see what the Lord has been doing through Jamie. He was laid off due to Pandemic, then during that time, God put on Jamie’s heart to start a wing of FCAP to reach corporate Aviation people! It’s now up and running as FCAP-C!

Jamie is now back to corporate flying. It was great to have Jamie Luttrell visit us at the FCAP office recently (He’s photographed above with General Director Paul Curtas and Ministry Manager Jenni Ashmore). We thank God for the ways he is working in Jamie’s specific area of ministry in the corporate aviation setting.

How have you seen God work through your life over the last year? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

To get connected to Jamie or a group near you, visit our connect with us page at our website here: https://fcap.org/about/connect-with-us/, enter your info and we’ll be sure to reach out.