Fellowship and Relaxation at the Ski Adventure…

Fellowship and Relaxation at the Ski Adventure…

The skiing is fun, but we hear from many who attend that the most enjoyment at the FCAP Ski Adventure comes from the fellowship and relaxation around meals, refreshments, and the gatherings.  It is a wonderful time to rekindle old friendships and to establish new ones.  Once again the group was entertained and blessed by a number of excellent musicians.  Among these were Penny Lea Clark and Katy Lou Clark, better known as the “Purple Hulls.”













Guten Morgan from Atop the Austrian Alps!

Guten Morgan from Atop the Austrian Alps!

Group heading out on the 1st morning



And here they come!

The 2017 FCAP Ski Adventure has officially begun, and the group is already out enjoying the slopes.  We understand that right now the weather is absolutely beautiful.  Here are a few early photos:


The smiles say it all!

Our own “Delta Dale,” a face synonymous with the FCAP Ski Adventure!

Ski Instructor in position

On the chairlift

A quick pose before going down the slopes

Even the young ones enjoy the fellowship.

Fellowship in their beautiful surroundings



























On Their Way to the 2017 FCAP Ski Adventure!

Eileen in Spain and looking forward to her annual time at the FCAP Ski Adventure.

Our 2017 FCAP Ski Adventure has begun in the beautiful setting of the Austrian Alps.  Here are photos taken as some were en route to Munich and then on to Schladming, Austria.  Several even made a stop in Barcelona, Spain prior to their arrival in Munich.

The fun begins on the flight to Munich with Dale & Debbie.

Dale & Lucas on flight to Munich


A sampling of the food and fellowship enjoyed as the Ski Adventure begins

Catching up with friends in Munich prior to the Ski Adventure

Bus is ready to take the group from Munich to Schladming!






On board the bus, Mr. Hospitality himself (better known as “Delta Dale”) offers hot towels and snacks to passengers.



















Connecting in Hamburg

tim-carol-in-hamburgOne of the advantages of working in the airline industry is being able to travel and connect with believers in other parts of the world.  Recently one of our Board members, Tim Files, and his wife, Carol, had the blessing of spending time with several in our FCAP-Hamburg Fellowship.  We encourage you, as you travel, to refer to our FCAP Groups & Contacts list  (link found at the top of our homepage on this website) and connect with others wherever you may be.