German FCAP Day of Prayer and Fasting – October 23

The following invitation comes from Bjoern Strotmann, FCAP Coordinator in Germany:

“Thank you for putting this day on your prayer list and even asking siblings in HGK to join by fasting, praying & being one in spirit. Bless you for that!  Because of Corona, we will not use the option to meet in person for this now, but all will be attending only via the online option here in FRA as well as whoever will join online in German speaking countries (in German language only)….  I think fear is really trying to sneak into many believers even more (also by loss of job), and by thinking we will obey the laws of our governments and Corona laws, we, the believers think even we are smart. And, of course, to a certain degree that is wise.  But on the other hand, I think we really need to discern between what is human thinking and what is wise before God. Unfortunately, fear and humanism in German Christianity already existed before Corona became strong, and yet I see many are still staying in it and maybe even becoming more trapped. They think they obey the laws of the government, but do not recognize that they are actually hiding their fears behind these ‘excuses.’

BUT, Jesus will keep shaking the nations, also us believers, and we will see who still stands in faith after it, and who was not willing to pay the price.  May He forgive our sins, distrust, not obeying Him & luke warmness. And He will for everyone who turns more to Him, instead of shying away. He is love, and truly wants us to love Him more than man, thereby setting us free to experience His love. He is love and gives us the chance daily to choose Him and His freedom, rather than choosing other gods that lead us into bondage. May we all be closer to Him than before Corona.

I think fasting is important, especially for now, as it is casting down our unbelief and allowing His Spirit to take over (Matthew 17:21)/   I believe this refers to our unbelief and not to the demon in the child, meaning fasting casts out our unbelief.  Fasting seems like a lost art in the western world. May Jesus lead us again to it more and more, as we hunger more for Him alone. As we went to get rid of all carnal unbelief and schemes and live in the Spirit only.  For those who do great times are ahead … so that He truly gets ALL the glory!  In Jesus name,  Bjoern”

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