National Bible Month in the Philippines

Leadership of FCAP-LTP/LTTP in the Philippines shares this encouraging news with us:  “A blessed day!  Let’s thank God because every January in the Philippines is “A National Bible Month.”  January 21-27 is the National Bible Week, January 27 is the National Bible Sunday, and on January 28 is the National Bible Day.  The latter is declared special working holiday.”

Every Thursday, FCAP-LTP/LTTP hosts a Fellowship and Bible Study every Thursday in the MM Conference Room from 12:05 pm-12:55 pm and welcome anyone able to attend.  They also appreciate our prayers for this time together and outreach among their co-workers there in the Philippines.


It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

It Only Takes One Willing Heart…

Many years ago, an airline mechanic acted on his heart desire to share the love and message of Christ with his co-workers.  This led to formation of several regular Bible study/prayer groups taking place in the simply surroundings of  break rooms at work.  What began with only a few meeting together has now turned into usually 15-20 coming together on a regular basis (pictured above).  We thank the Lord for those who courageously act on their desire to see others come to Christ and live for Him.    If you have such a desire  for your own work area and need help in getting things going, please e-mail us or give us a call at (770) 461-9320.  We would be delighted to talk with you and help.  That is one major reason FCAP exists!


New CVG Ladies Bible Study-September 12!

A new Bible study for ladies in the Cincinnati area will begin on Monday, September 12, at 10 a.m. (EDT) in Newport, KY.  The study will be followed by lunch and other activities.  Plans are to meet once a month and stay in touch via email and prayer in the meantime.  So if you live in the area or are visiting in the area, please make plans to join them.  Future dates will be announced.  For more information, contact Christi Lines at (860) 617-2785 or