Connecting in Perth

Connecting in Perth

Fellowship in FCAP truly knows no boundaries.  It is a blessing … wherever God takes us!  Such was the case for Eddie Wu (Cathay Pacific/HKG) when he had opportunity to visit with Chris and Julia McDonald (Qantas) at their home in Perth, Australia.  You will notice in the photo  that they are holding copies of When God Shows Up at Work,” the book authored by FCAP General Director, Paul Curtas.  Eddie was happy to obtain additional copies to share with others.

Update from the Curtas Journey…

On December 4 Paul wrote, “We have had a long but wonderful journey to Sydney, Australia the last couple of days.  We were 20 hours in the airplane.  On the first leg of the journey we stopped in LAX to visit with good friends, Gary (Delta pilot) and Eileen Hammerman and their three great kids.  Then we flew to Sydney, a 15-hour flight, where we are now staying with Chris (Qantas pilot) and Julia (former Lufthansa flight attendant) and their two precious kids.  Last night, our first night here, we met up with Sam, an A-380 captain who is on a layover here in Sydney and we had dinner with him.”






Then on December 7 he wrote, “We are here at Capernwray in Cambridge, New Zealand enjoying a Christmas special, ‘Carols By the Candlelight.’  It was put on by the students at Capernwray.  I will be speaking here next week on Monday thru Wednesday to the students.”










Hospitality and Fellowship … Australian Style!

Paul and Claudette Curtas made it safely to Sydney, Australia.  They have been richly blessed by the gracious hospitality of Chris and Julia McDonald and their two beautiful children.  (Their youngest is not pictured as he was doing what little boys do best … running around and avoiding the photo shoot!) Chris is a pilot for Qantas and also heads up ACN (Airline Christian Network).  His wife, Julia, was a flight attendant in Germany for a number of years prior to their marriage.

Another pilot who flies out of another country was able to join all of them for dinner one evening.  He, Chris and Paul spent quite a bit of time talking about ministry in the workplace.  This pilot hopes to see a ministry started at his own domicile in the not too distant future.  In fact, you can pray about that organizational meeting which is planned for December 7.

It is always exciting to see how God brings such connections to pass in all parts of the world! 






And They Are Off!

Today Paul and Claudette Curtas embark on yet another journey representing the FCAP Ministry.  This time travel takes them to Australia and New Zealand, via Los Angeles.  In each of these locations they will spend time with FCAPers.  Paul will also have opportunity to present our Workplace Training at the Torchbearer’s Business Ministry Leadership Training in New Zealand.  Prayers for every aspect of this trip are greatly appreciated.  (As many of you know, the flight between Los Angeles and Sydney is extremely long and tiring.)

Hong Kong / Australian Connection

Hong Kong / Australian Connection

Two Christian brothers with the airlines, one from Hong Kong and one from Australia, had the joy of spending time together in Hong Kong recently.  Flight Attendant Eddie Wu and  Pilot Chris McDonald tell us, “We really had a wonderful gathering, prayer communion, lunch and mutual encouraging of one another.  Thank God for His perfect timing arrangement.”  Many lives have been blessed and encouraged over the years as Christians within the airlines connect like this.  We do encourage you to visit our “Groups and Contacts” list on this web site (link at top of home page) to reach out as you have opportunity either on layovers or in personal travel.  Or you can always call the FCAP International Office before travel for contact information.