Flourishing Ministry in Mumbai

Flourishing Ministry in Mumbai

Our FCAP group in Mumbai has been meeting every third Saturday at Captain Lav Samuel’s home for nearly 15 years now. Attendance averages around 12-15 with some in attendance not from a Christian background. One lady over 80 years old is a Hindu but comes just to hear the Word. Praise and worship time is followed by a message and prayer for the needs of people. The group reports, “Over the years we have seen many miracles taking place with wonderful testimonies.” The group gives special recognition to Pastor Mark Fernandes (former Delta flight attendant) and Ravi Shukla, describing them as “pillars of FCAP Mumbai.”

PIC00073 PIC00074 L8 006 - Ravi and Margo D7 002 - Margo and Christine DSC06007 - 80+ years old lady


DSC05858 - Ravi and Lav



















Report from FCAP-Philippines

This report comes to us from leadership within FCAP-Philippines:

“The FCAP ministry in LTP and LTTP has been blessed by the Lord in so many ways and in numerous various areas at countless different times. (more…)